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Refereed Articles in Journals

V.S. Brauer, L. Schärer & N.K. Michiels (2007): Phenotypically flexible sex allocation in a simultaneous hermaphrodite. Evolution 61, 216-222. pdf

H.P. de Vladar & I. Pen (2007): Determinism, noise, and spurious estimations in a generalised model of population growth. Physica A - Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 373, 477-485. pdf

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M. Hinsch & H.-J. Poethke (2007): Consequences of cyclic vegetation management for arthropod survival: simulation experiments. Basic Appl. Ecol. 8, 321-331. pdf

M.J.L. Magrath, E. van Lieshout, I. Pen, G.H. Visser & J. Komdeur (2007): Estimating expenditure on male and female offspring in a sexually size-dimorphic bird: a comparison of different methods. J. Anim. Ecol. 76, 1169-1180. pdf

C. Piou, U. Berger, H. Hildenbrandt, V. Grimm, K. Diele & C. D'Lima (2007): Simulating cryptic movements of a mangrove crab: Recovery phenomena after small scale fishery. Ecol. Mod. 205, 110-122. pdf

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E.M. Sykes, T.M. Innocent, I. Pen, D.M. Shuker & S.A. West (2007): Asymmetric larval competition in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis: a role in sex allocation? Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol. 61, 1751-1758. pdf

T. Uller, I. Pen, E. Wapstra, L.W. Beukeboom & J. Komdeur (2007): The evolution of sex ratios and sex-determining systems. Trends Ecol. Evol. 22, 292-297. pdf

W.K. Vahl, J. van der Meer, K. Meijer, T. Piersma & F.J. Weissing (2007): Interference competition, the spatial distribution of food and free-living foragers. Anim. Behav. 74, 1493-1503. pdf

W.K. Vahl, & S.A. Kingma (2007): Food divisibility and interference competition among captive ruddy turnstones, Arenaria interpres. Anim. Behav. 74, 1391-1401. pdf

M. van de Pol, I. Pen, D. Heg & F.J. Weissing (2007): Variation in habitat choice and delayed reproduction: adaptive queuing strategies or individual quality differences? Am. Nat. 170, 530-541. pdf, appendix A, appendix B, appendix C

G.S. van Doorn & M. Kirkpatrick (2007): Turnover of sex chromosomes induced by sexual conflict Nature 449, 909-912. pdf, supplement

T. Veen, N. Svedin, J. Forsman, M.B. Hjernquist, A. Qvarnström, K.A. Thuman Hjernquist, J. Träff & M. Klaassen (2007): Does migration of hybrids contribute to post-zygotic isolation in flycatchers? Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 274, 707-712. pdf

E. Wapstra, T. Uller, I. Pen, J. Komdeur, M. Olsson & R. Shine (2007): Disentangling the complexities of vertebrate sex allocation: a role for squamate reptiles? Oikos 116, 1051-1057. pdf

C. Wiley, N. Fogelberg, S.A. Sæther, T. Veen, N. Svedin, J. Vogel Kehlenbeck & A. Qvarnström (2007): Direct benefits and costs for hybridizing Ficedula flycatchers. J. Evol. Biol. 20, 854-864. pdf

M. Wolf, G.S. van Doorn, O. Leimar & F.J. Weissing (2007): Life-history trade-offs favour the evolution of animal personalities. Nature 447, 581-584 pdf, supplement, news & views

M. Wolf, G.S. van Doorn, O. Leimar & F.J. Weissing (2007): Evolution of animal personalities - Reply. Nature 450, E5-E6. pdf

Books & Book Chapters

C.K. Hemelrijk & J. Steinhauser (2007): Cooperation, coalition and alliances. In: H. Rothe, I. Tattersal & W. Henke (eds.): Handbook of Paleoanthropology Vol. 2, , pp. 1321-1341. Springer Verlag, Berlin. pdf

Book Reviews & Editorials

F.J. Weissing (2007): Review of the book "Nonequilibrium Ecology" by K. Rohde. Ecology 88, 1338-1339. pdf

Doctoral Dissertations

J. Wantia (2007): Self-organised dominance relationships: a model and data of primates. PhD thesis, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. pdf

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