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Refereed Articles in Journals

M. Alleaume-Benharra, I. Pen & O. Ronce (2006): Geographical patterns of adaptation within a species' range: interactions between drift and gene flow. J. Evol. Biol. 19, 203-215. pdf

U. Berger, M. Adams, V. Grimm & H. Hildenbrandt (2006): Modelling secondary succession of neotropical mangroves: causes and consequences of growth reduction in pioneer species. Perspectives in Plant Ecoloy, Evolution and Systematics 7, 243-242.

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V.N. de Jonge, M. Elliot & V.S. Brauer (2006): Marine monitoring: Its shortcomings and mismatch with the EU water framework directive's objectives. Mar. Poll. Bull. 53, 5-19. pdf

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H. Hildenbrandt, M.S. Mueller & V. Grimm (2006): How to detect and visualize extinction thresholds for structured PVA models. Ecol. Model. 191, 554-550. pdf

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B. Kuijper, A.D. Stewart & W.R. Rice (2006): The cost of mating rises nonlinearly with copulation frequency in a laboratory population of Drosophila melanogaster. J. Evol. Biol. 19, 1795-1802, doi: 10.1111/j.1420-9101.2006.01186.x pdf

I. Pen (2006): When boys want to be girls: effects of mating system and dispersal on parent-offspring sex ratio conflict. Evol. Ecol. Res. 8, 103-113. pdf

D.M. Shuker, I. Pen & S.A. West (2006): Sex ratios under asymmetrical local mate competition in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis. Behav. Ecol. 17, 345-352. pdf

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F. Trillmich & F.J. Weissing (2006): Lactation patterns of pinnipeds are not explained by optimization of maternal energy delivery rates. Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol. 60, 137-49. pdf

M. van de Pol, T. Bakker, D.J. Saaltink & S. Verhulst (2006): Rearing conditions determine offspring survival independent of egg quality: a cross-foster experiment with Oystercatchers. Ibis 148, 203-210. pdf

M. van de Pol, L.W. Bruinzeel, D. Heg, B. Kuijper & S. Verhulst (2006): Experimental and observational evidence that reproductive performance improves with pair bond duration in oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus). Behav. Ecol. 17, 982-991. pdf

M. van de Pol, L.W. Bruinzeel, D. Heg, H.P. van der Jeugd & S. Verhulst (2006): A silver spoon for a golden future: long-term effects of natal origin on fitness prospects of Oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus). J. Anim. Ecol. 75, 616-626. pdf

M. van de Pol & S. Verhulst (2006): Age-Dependent Traits: a new statistical model to separate within- and between-individual effects. Am. Nat. 167, 764-771. pdf

G.S. van Doorn & U. Dieckmann (2006): The long-term evolution of multi-locus traits under frequency-dependent disruptive selection. Evolution 60, 2226–2238. pdf

G.S. van Doorn & F.J. Weissing (2006): Sexual conflict and the evolution of female preferences for indicators of male quality. Am. Nat. 168, 742-757. pdf

M.C. Verweij, I. Nagelkerken, S.L.J. Wartenbergh, I.R. Pen & G. van der Velde (2006): Caribbean mangroves and seagrass beds as daytime feeding habitats for juvenile French grunts, Haemulon flavolineatum. Mar. Biol. 149, 1291–1299. pdf

Refereed Articles in Proceedings

H. Kunz, T. Züblin & C.K. Hemelrijk (2006): On prey grouping an predator confusion in artificial fish schools. Proceedings of Tenth International Conference on Artificial Life, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 365-371. pdf

Professional Publications

K.H. Oosterbeek, M. van de Pol, M.L. de Jong, C.J. Smit & B.J. Ens (2006): Scholekster populatie studies: een bijdrage aan de zoektocht naar de oorzaken van de sterke achteruitgang van scholeksters in de Waddenzee. Alterra Research report 1344. pdf

Doctoral Dissertations

W.K. Vahl (2006): Interference competition. PhD thesis, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. pdf

M. van de Pol (2006): State dependent life-history strategies: a long-term study on oystercatchers. PhD thesis, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. pdf

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