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Peregrine HPC computing
For PhD students
  • A Moderate Advice for Graduate Students (Stearns) pdf
  • Some Acynical Advice (Reply to Stearns) pdf
  • Beginner's Guide to Scientific Misconduct pdf
  • How to Write an Influential Review pdf
  • How to Write a Scientific Article pdf
  • The Art of Grantsmanship - Writing grant proposals pdf
  • Guide for Mentors pdf
  • How to apply for a job?
  • Careers Service
  • A classic work on simple writing, first published in 1918, is Strunk & White's Elements of Style. This book (a must-have for any student and conscientious writer) is now available online. A good place to start is Chapter 5 (Words and Expressions Commonly Misused).
  • San Francisco Edit Newsletters - Tips for writing scientific texts
  • Proofreading your professional documents by native speakers

Scientific software

Mathematics and Statistics
Ecology and Evolution
Text Processing

Books & courses

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