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Brain and Behaviour Competence Centre


The Brain and Behaviour Competence Centre (BBCC) provides a platform for collaborative interactions between investigators in academia, government and industry in the field of fundamental and medical neurosciences in order to accelerate the translation of basic discoveries into clinical applications.

Rat hippocampus (photo: Ronald Oosting, Utrecht University)
Rat hippocampus with Golgi staining of neurons

Our society is faced with rapidly increasing incidences of people suffering from brain dysfunctions and mental disorders with dramatic consequences for various functional domains, including e.g. mood, cognition, social functioning, eating, sleep and other behavioural and physiological processes. The use of refined and advanced animal models to combat brain and behaviour problems is key to solutions but requires state-of-the-art technology and techniques and fundamental insights into the behaviour and physiology of the animal model chosen.

WT Groningen rats (photo: Sietse de Boer)
WT Groningen rats housed in a social environment
Framework and scope

The neurobiological research performed within the BBCC is part of the Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES) and comprises two main areas: basic behavioural neuroscience research and biomedical, disease-oriented neuroscience research. The research into the more fundamental processes in brain (dys)function is embedded in and based on evolutionary approaches, that subsequently form the basis of translational studies into maladaptive processes and central nervous system disease. Scientists from BBCC collaborate with partners from both academia, government and industry. In creating a platform to facilitate easy interaction with research groups from all over the world BBCC seeks to play an important role in high-level neuroscience research.

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