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Evolutionary biology of ageing

Verhulst group - Research

Current PhD and postdoc projects

PhD students
  • Maria Rusche: Plasticity of avian sleep (Co-supervised with Peter Meerlo and Niels Rattenborg; expected completion: 2019)
  • Blanca Jimeno: Corticosterone as mediator of environmental stress effects on sociality and ageing (Co-supervised with Michaela Hau; expected completion: 2018)
  • Merlijn Driessen: Mosaic ageing: Immunosenescence in an ecologically relevant ageing model (co-supervised with Ido Pen and Irene Tieleman; expected completion: 2021)
  • Yoran Gerritsma: Developmental effects on personality and their neurobiological basis (co-supervised with Sietse de Boer; expected completion: 2021)
  • Rolf Storms: Preventing bird strikes: Developing RoboFalcons to deter bird flocks (Primary supervisor Charlotte Hemelrijk; expected completion 2021)
  • Christina Bauch: Telmere dynamics in Cory's shearwaters (co-supervised with Paulo Catry, ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Jaanis Lodjak: Physiological determinants of telomere dynamics
  • Justin Eastwood: Immune defense, disease and damage control in the wild (Primary supervisor Anne Peters, Monash University, Melbourne)
Former PhD students under my (co-)supervision
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