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Research Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies


  • September 14-18 2015 Social Simulation conference

Past events


  • June 27  Third seminar of the Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies Programma

    May 28: Hilton L Root: The Myth of Global Convergence: Why Objectively Inferior Choices Persist"

  • March 11 Gido Schoenmacker  ABM modelling of the Dutch lighting market.
  • March 18 Holger Dietrich from GFK market research  on big data science and agent based modelling.


  • October 29,   Andrea Ceschi (University of Verona) on Modeling prosocial behavior: an evolutionary multi-agents simulation
  • September 12. Thesis defense Peter van Eck "The Invisible Force that Shapes Our World - Insights into Complex, Dynamic Social Influence Processes, A Marketing Perspective"
  • September 11. Seminar afternoon "Innovation diffusion and networks" with Rosanna Garcia (Northeastern), Peter van Eck, Dries Faems and Steven Flipse (TUD).
  • July1- 5 Visit Nanda Wijermans, Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University
  • June 14 (Friday). Second seminar-day Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies.
    With Nigel Gilbert, Cars Hommes, Daniel van der Post, Tatiana Filatova and Paul van Geert.
  • April 8- 12 2013 Bruce Edmonds, Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan
    University Business School. seminar: "The Scandal of Generic Models in the Social Sciences"
  • February 21, Prof. dr. Christophe Gernigon (Laboratory Epsylon, Université Montpellier: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Goal Involvement States


  • November 16-19, Workshop on compexity and the collaborative rationale in planning. Keynote by Judith Innes, Berkeley. Organised in collaboration with the Association of European Schools of Planning.
  • November 6, Francesca Giardini (CNR, Rome). Reputation Management in Laboratory Experiments and Artificial Settings Joint Colloquium of Sociology Department with GCSCS
  • September 17: Workshop Serious Gaming and Management. Together with THNK - Amsterdam
  • June15: Opening seminar of the GCSCS. The program can be downloaded here.
  • May 24-25, Workshop Theoretical Biology.
  • April 26: Gert Jan Hofstede:   What makes human groups tick? Towards a culture-varying, generic model of human social behaviour
  • April 24, Nanda Wijermans: Understanding crowd behaviour: Simulating situated individuals.
  • March 12,  Minister Schultz & Gert de Roo: Planologie in Beweging, een nieuwe kijk op ruimte.
  • February 23: Ruggero Rangoni: Simulating littering behaviour using the goal framing theory.
  • January 27:  Piter Dykstra: Dialogue games for the simulation of social- and opinion-dynamics.


  • December 14: Sebastiano A. Delre. Empirically testing agent-based models of innovation diffusion: The additive approach and the threshold approach.
  • December 1 - Lecture on social complexity and diffusion of sustainable innovations. In course Sustainability for Engineers
  • October 20 - PHD Course Global Change, Complexity and Sustainability.
  • October 19 - Qijun Zhang: Simulating population dynamics.

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