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Research GBB Research Principal Investigators Prof. dr. Egbert Boekema


Prof. dr. Egbert Boekema
Prof. dr. Egbert Boekema

Prof. Egbert Boekema was trained in biochemistry (PhD in 1984) and in particular in bioenergetics and photosynthesis. His main tool to investigate these fields has been electron microscopy. A central theme in his work is the elucidation of supercomplexes, large associates of membrane proteins in chloroplasts and mitochondria. Starting with Complex I in his PhD study, Boekema has always continued to work on relevant textbook enzymes, such as ATP synthase, Photosystem I and Photosystem II. He first described the supercomplexes of Photosystem II and Light-harvesting Complex II and many other photosynthetic supercomplexes, including the giant supercomplexes of Photosystem I with 18 and 43 copies of the stress protein IsiA. His main current research areas include:

  • Structure determination of plant Photosystem II;
  • Structure determination of cyanobacterial Photosystem I

Boekema has published almost 250 peer-reviewed papers with >10,000 citations; his h-index is 67 (Google Scholar) and 61 (Web of Science).

Three top publications 2010-2016

       1.        Dudkina, N.V., Kudryashev, M., Stahlberg, H. and Boekema E.J. (2011) Interaction of complexes I, III and IV within the bovine respirasome by single particle cryo-electron tomography. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 108: 15196-15200.

       2.        Drop, B. Yadav K.N., S., Boekema, E., Croce, R. (2014) Consequences of state transitions on the structural and functional organization of Photosystem I in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plant Journal 78: 181-191.

       3.        Watanabe M., Semchonok D.A., Webber-Birungi M., Ehira S., Kondo K., Narikawa R., Ohmori M., Boekema E.J. and Ikeuchi M. (2014) Attachment of phycobilisomes in an antenna–photosystem I supercomplex in cyanobacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 111: 2512-2517.

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