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CHRONOscope has been implemented in the University of Groningen by the ECHOES research group. This work is funded by an ERC research project (ECHOES) with grant number 714679.

This is a free software which illustrates atmospheric data from available datasets and allows for interactive and detailed visualization of radiocarbon, Delta carbon-14 and beryllium-10. Navigation between different dates is easily achieved with the use of markers or by manual set-up of desired dates. A function for linear and nonlinear interpolation of the data is embedded and the new data can be exported in Microsoft Excel format. Finally, external data can be imported and superimposed on the existing ones.

Download CHRONOscope for MAC

Download CHRONOscope for WINDOWS

If you intent to use this software for publishing research work please cite the following paper:

Neocleous, A., Kuitems, M., Scifo, A., Dee, M., "CHRONOscope: Application for the interactive visualization of carbon-14 and beryllium-10 atmospheric data", Submitted in Radiocarbon, 2018.

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