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PhD ceremony C.A.M. (Cecilia) Sandström: Should I stay or should I go? Do geese gain health benefits by migrating to the Arctic?

When:Fr 28-04-2017
Where:Academy Building (Broerstraat 5)

PhD ceremony: C.A.M. Sandström, MSc
When: April 28, 2017
Start: 14:30
Promotor: prof. dr. A.G.J. (Anita) Buma
Where: Academy building RUG
Faculty: Science and Engineering

Geese gain health benefit by migrating to the Arctic

Bird migration is an impressive phenomenon, but why birds often travel long distances to and from their breeding grounds in the far North is still unclear. Benefits include more nutritious food, longer daylight hours, and/or fewer predators. In this thesis an alternative explanation was investigated: are there health benefits by migrating to the Arctic? To this end, immune responses of barnacle geese breeding on Arctic Spitsbergen were compared with geese remaining in the temperate Netherlands throughout the more.

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