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Research ESRIG - Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen Events

ESRIG-EES colloquium: Daan Smit, MSc EES student

When:Tu 24-10-2017 at 16:00
Where:5159.0010 (Energy Academy, Nijenborgh 6)

Title: Sustainability in waste water treatment. An internship at DeSaH, a company that investigates the potential of innovative and potentially more sustainable forms of waste water treatment.

Waste water treatment is an energy intensive process in which waste water is treated in such a way that it can be discharged to the environment in a more environmental friendly manner. In this field of science, progress is being made with regards to energy use and nutrient retrieval. The approach of separated waste water collection allows the sanitation of waste water whilst enabling the reuse of valuable substances from waste water. In the small scale (approx. 200 connected households) demonstration plant, ''project Noorderhoek'' in the city of Sneek, this approach is deployed to examine the potential of extracting heat and reusable phosphorous, and of producing biogas from waste water. In this colloquium, I will elaborate on the innovative treatment concepts that are used in this project. I will also discuss my contribution to the company's investigation, which focusses on the potential of these concepts in complying to environmental regulations with respect to waste water treatment.