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PhD ceremony: Greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for the oil industry - bottom-up system analysis on the transition of the Colombian oil production and refining sector | E.E. (Edgar) Yanez Angarita

When:Mo 22-02-2021 at 14:30
Where:Academy building and live stream


PhD ceremony: Mr E.E. (Edgar) Yanez Angarita
When: February 22, 2021
Start: 14:30
Supervisors: prof. dr. A.P.C. (André) Faaij, prof. dr. C.A. Ramirez
Co-supervisors: dr. E.F. Castillo, J.C. (Hans) Meerman, PhD
Where: Academy building RUG
Faculty: Science and Engineering
Research Institute: Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen (ESRIG)
Research Group: Integrated Research on Energy, Environment and Society


The oil and gas industry is responsible for 6% of global CO2 emissions, from exploration and production to refining and downstream petrochemical production and rises to 50% when final use of products is included. Previous studies considered technology options to reduce CO2 emissions but are constrained by details and options covered and the lack of involving further integration with the surrounding energy systems and alternative energy sources. This research aimed to assess the techno-economic and CO2 mitigation potential for decarbonization pathways of the crude oil industry in Colombia on a detailed level for existing facilities. Several options were considered namely energy efficiency measurements (EEM), carbon capture and storage (CCS), CO2 enhanced-oil-recovery (CO2-EOR), electrification, blue and green hydrogen, and biomass-based alternatives. The key research questions answered are: 1)What are the promising technological options, their potential and mitigation cost for decarbonizing the oil industry? 2) In which way potential deployment pathways can be developed for a decarbonization strategy of the oil industry? 3)What is an effective design for a methodological approach to assess and quantify mitigation options and decarbonization pathways for existing industrial facilities? An improved methodological approach to assess decarbonization pathways for a complex-industry was developed and based on a) bottom-up approach, b) comprehensive mitigation options and analysis of interactions during deployment, c) full value-chain perspective, d) building deployment pathways for decarbonization. Future assessments at sector level can utilize insights from this work to propose deployment pathways of decarbonization strategies from an integrated and comprehensive inventory of mitigation options.