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PhD ceremony: The developing role of gas in decarbonizing China's energy system. System analysis of technical, economic and environmental improvements of LNG and low carbon gas supply chains and infrastructure | Jinrui Zhang

When:Mo 12-04-2021 at 11:00
Where:Academy building and live stream


The gas system in China is essential for an energy transition towards a low-carbon future. The optimization of gas supply chains and gas infrastructure deployment is crucial for energy-saving, cost-saving, and GHG emissions mitigation. In the short term, natural gas can act as a transition fuel by replacing oil and coal in especially power and transport sectors. In the long term, gradually replacing natural gas with low-carbon gas can secure the role of the gas infrastructure in a low carbon energy system.

As China is undergoing an energy transition from a coal dominated energy system to a low-carbon energy system, the main objective of this thesis is to investigate how gaseous energy carriers and the NG infrastructure can be used in the most efficient way for a low-carbon energy system in China towards 2050. In this thesis, the potential role of LNG in the short term and low-carbon gases in the long term for a low-carbon energy system with infrastructure deployment pathway in China are investigated by assessing the energy efficiency, GHG emissions, and costs of the supply chains.