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Research ESRIG - Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen Events

ESRIG-EES colloquium: Karlieke Holtz, MSc EES student

When:Tu 09-10-2018 at 16:00
Where:5159.0110, Energy Academy, Nijenborgh 6

Title: Analysing the impact of different fuel scenario's of the Dutch transport system on CO2, land and water use

By: Karlieke Holtz, MSc EES student

The Dutch transport system is vital in establishing our business and personal meetings but also to transport our goods. At the same time, our transport system is responsible for noise pollution, smog and the emission of greenhouse gases. To reduce these emissions, a transition is needed towards alternative, sustainable energy sources as fuels which emit less greenhouse gases. Sustainable fuels can be produced in various ways in which CO2 is emitted and water and land is used throughout the production chain. The use of land and water and the emissions are calculated on the basis of impact parameters in the context of the total energy consumption of transport in the Netherlands. The total impact will be measured based on five scenarios in which different fuels are investigated. This study therefore aims to provide an insight in the environmental impact of the entire production chain of a fuel.