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Research ESRIG - Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen Events

ESRIG-EES colloquium: Jorien Zevenberg, Coordinator Future Planet Innovation

When:Tu 24-04-2018 16:00 - 17:00
Where:5159.0010 (Energy Academy Building, Nijenborgh 6)

Title: Minor Future Planet Innovation

In this colloquium I would like to present the minor Future Planet Innovation. So this colloquium will be all about education for a change.
The minor Future Planet Innovation is an university minor of 30 ECTS organized by the Science & Society Group and IVEM. In the colloquium the design of the minor, the development, our students and the projects we do in the minor will all be discussed. The aim of this colloquium is to familiarize you all with the minor Future Planet Innovation and to explore if there are opportunities to strengthen the collaboration between the minor and ESRIG, for example in the projects.