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University Medical Center Groningen

Genetic epidemiology


To investigate the genetic and environmental influences on the etiology, prediction, and prognosis of cardiometabolic, renal, and other common chronic complex diseases.


The unit plays a key role in teaching and in the genetic data analysis of all the major cohort studies in the UMCG. Our training activities include involvement in Epidemiology B registration, and providing introductory and advanced courses in genetic epidemiology, and introductory courses in R and how to handle Lifelines data on the high performance computer cluster. We coordinate the genetic studies performed in the Lifelines, TRAILS and GECKO cohorts. The unit staff are active members, leaders or co-leaders of consortia performing (epi)genome-wide association studies on blood pressure, kidney function, inflammatory factors, heart rate variability, fertility and birthweight.

Senior staff
Name Function/collaboration e-mail address Topic
Harold Snieder

Full professor, head unit

h.snieder Genetic Epidemiology of cardiometabolic disease
Judith Vonk Assistant professor j.m.vonk Longitudinal data analysis; Etiology and course of asthma and COPD; Lifelines
Maaike de Vries Assistant professor

(Epi)genetics of COPD and ageing

Ilja Nolte Senior researcher i.m.nolte Statistical Genetics
Peter v.d. Most Post-doc p.j.van.der.most Psychiatry, Nephrology

Chris Thio



Causal inference modeling
Ahmad Vaez Post-doc a.vaez Bioinformatics and Post-GWAS analyses
Tian Xie Post-doc t.xie Genetic epidemiology of psychiatric and cardiometabolic disease
PhD fellows
Alireza Ani University of Isfahan, Iran a.ani Boiinformatics tools and pipelines for genome-wide data analysis
Anna Argoty Nephrology; UNAM, Mexico a.d.argoty.pantoja Gene-environment interaction of hypertension
Martje Bos Psychiatry m.bos03 Genetic epidemiology of functional disorders
Zekai Chen

z.chen Genetic epidemoilogy of cardiometabolic disease
Yeliz Eski Lifestyle medicine y.eski Genetic epidemology of physical activity
Zhen He Shantou University, China z.he Risk factors for new onset hypertension in perimenopausal women
Zoha Kamali University of Isfahan, Iran


Yiran Li Psychiatry Genetic Epidemoilogy of autism spectrum disorder
Wei Liu Ophthalmology w.liu Glaucoma and kidney disease
Xueling Lu Endocrinology

Association between (epi)genetic determinants of type 2 diabetes and body burden of endocrine disruption chemicals.

Parinaz Poursafa University of Isfahan, Iran p.poursafa Metabolic syndrome: the neglected role of airpollution
Felix Reichelt Gene-stress interaction in cardiometabolic health f.reichelt VU Amsterdam, Erasmus MC
Rima Triatin Genetic epidemiology of type 2 diabetes risk r.d.triatin
Rujia Wang Shared genetic and environmental influences on major depressive disorder, anciety disorder, obesity and substance use disorder Psychiatry
Siqi Wang Mendelian Randomization and drug target prioritization in CVD s.wang01 Cardiology
Qihua Wang Gene-diet interaction in BMI and blood pressure Lifestyle medicine
Jia Zhang Risk factors of kidney and cardiometabolic disease j.zhang Psychiatry
Wenbo Zhang Prediction models in the critically ill w.zhang01

Intensive care, Medical statistics

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