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Health behavior epidemiology

Study the determinants of health behavior over the life course, taking into account modifying factors.

LifeLines, BioShare, TRAILS, Healthy Ageing, Population & Society ( )
Healthy living environments
Life course approach

Senior staff
Name Function/collaboration e-mail address Topic

Nynke Smidt (unit chair)

Assistant professor

Unit chair

n.smidt Health behavior epidemiology from a life course perspective
Aart Liefbroer Full professor a.c.liefbroer Life course demography
Judith Aris Postdoc j.l.aris Population based studies, Reproductive and children's health
PhD fellows Collaboration
Reinder Broekstra Social Psychology, Institute for Medical Education, IBM r.broekstra Big data and the dilemma of innovative knowledge versus threats to personal integrity
Marlies Feenstra Internal lMedicine/Geriatris m.feenstra01 Functional recovery trajectories in hospitalized older adults
Judith Koops NIDI Socio-economic background and fertility decisions: a cross-national comparison
Jarl Mooyaarts NIDI Socio-economic background and the transition to adulthood
Joanne Muller NIDI Socio-economic background, family life course and later life economic outcomes: a cros-national comparison
Jacobien Niebuur Sociology, health psychology j.niebuur Let Old be Gold
Maaike Pouw Internal Medicine/Geriatrics m.a.pouw Hospital at Home care for elderly patients with cognitive impairment: a randomized feasibility trial
Fiona Stenveld Internal Medicine/Geriatrics f.stenveld Effectiveness of Melatonin, Temazepam and placebo on sleep quality among older hospitalized patients with sleeping problems
Joyce Vrijsen Internal Medicine/Geriatrics j.vrijsen Uptake and effectiveness of Dementia Risk Reduction program among middle-aged people with a family history of dementia
Liza Hoveling Health Sciences UMCG and Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute/NIDI l.a.hoveling Unraveling the mediating pathways between socio-economic status and health: a transgenerational and life-course perspective (TRANSSES)
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