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University Medical Center Groningen

Patient centered HTA

To bridge the gap between scientific evidence and stakeholders based on the judgment of health professionals, the views of patients and the public, and the needs of policymakers.

In our multidisciplinary team, we apply statistical, epidemiological, economic, psychometric and other key methods to evaluate the health benefits of healthcare interventions and medical treatments. Our studies often focus on cost–effectiveness analyses, and we frequently use computer simulations to combine evidence and extrapolate observed short-term disease effects to meaningful long-term outcome measures. Models created at the patient level also help us support the evaluation of personalized treatment strategies. We have special expertise in the development of generic health-outcome measures (health-related quality of life, health status) and disease- and domain -specific health-outcome measures. Modern measurement methods are applied and new measurement methods are developed.

Senior staff
Name Function e-mail address Topic
Paul Krabbe

Associate professor, head unit Health Outcomes Measurement
Erik Buskens Full professor Life course approaches and organization of care
Thea van Asselt Senior researcher Economic evaluation
Talitha Feenstra Assistant professor Patient level modeling
Henk Groen Assistant professor Fertility medicine & obstetrics
Maarten Lahr Post-doc E-health, Stroke
Ant Lettinga Senior researcher Process-oriented action research
Karin Vermeulen Senior researcher Economic evaluation and quality-of-life
PhD fellows Collaboration
Thomas Bernardes Obstetrics UMCG, AMC Risk of hypertensive pregnancy complications
Lotte van Dammen Reproductive Medicine, AMC Follow up of women and children after preconception lifestyle intervention
Hermien van Dijk Economics and business Economic evaluation of child psychiatry
Roel Freriks Economics and business HTA tool child for mental health
Sander Holterman Windesheim Business models e-health
Kaying Kan Psychiatry IMPROVE: Tailored treatment in depression
Matty Karsten Reproductive Medicine, AMC Follow-up of woment and children after preconception lifestyle intervention
Marian Meijboom Achmea Cost effectiveness of influenza vaccination
Kebede Haile Misgina Pediatrics, Aksum University Ethiopia Transgenerational malnutrition in early life in Northern Ethiopia
Ilse van Oostrum Disease modeling, survival modeling
Beatriz Rodriguez-Sanchez Economids and business The economic approach to diabetes in old adults across Europe
Carina Schey Global Market Access Solutions MCDA in resource allocation decisions
Ahmad Shahabeddin Parizi Internal medicine Patient-centered solid-organ transplant instrument
Erik Tutuhatunewa Orthopedics, Sport Medicine Evaluation midshaft clavicle fractures
Ariuntuya Tuvdendorj Ministry of Health, Mongolia Economic studies into the burden of non-communicable diseases in Mongolia
Riswandi Wasir HTA and cardiovascular drug reimbursement policy in Indonesia

The role of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to enable Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in low middle income countris: Indonesia as a reference case.

Josan Yauw UMCU, VUMC, RIVM DIAMANT: dynamic prediction in type 2 diabetes
Eva Zwertbroek Obstetrics Prediction in hypertensive disease in pregnancy
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