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University Medical Center Groningen

Genetic epidemiology


To develop a high quality research program investigating genetic and environmental influences on the etiology, prognosis and treatment of common chronic complex diseases.


  • CVD, T2D, obesity, psychosocial determinants
  • Candidate gene & genomewide association studies
  • Cohorts: Prevend, LifeLines, Trails, Nesda, Twins UK, Georgia CV Twin study

Senior staff
Name Function/collaboration e-mail address Topic
Harold Snieder

Full professor, head unit

h.snieder Genetic Epidemiology of cardiometabolic disease
Ilja Nolte Senior researcher i.m.nolte Statistical Genetics
Jana van Vliet-Ostaptchouk Post-doc/Endocrinology j.v.van.vliet Genetic epidemiology of obesity & type 2 diabetes
Peter v.d. Most Post-doc p.j.van.der.most Psychiatry, Nephrology
Ahmad Vaez Post-doc a.vaez Bioinformatics and Post-GWAS analyses
Jelle Vehof Research fellow/Ophthalmology j.vehof Genetic epidemiology of eye disease
PhD fellows
Azmeraw Amare Psychiatry a.t.amare From genome-wide pleiotropy to prediction modeling of depression
Nigus Asefa Ophtalmology n.g.asefa Heritability of eye diseases
Yldau van der Ende Cardiology m.y.van.der.ende New insights in (unrecognized) myocardial infarction
Anna Leonte Opthalmology, UMCG

The gene, the eye and the brain

Xueling Lu Endocrinology

Association between (epi)genetic determinants of type 2 diabetes and body burden of endocrine disruption chemicals.

Tengfei Man Merck, Beijing, China

Heart rate variability and blood pressure regulation

Anna Neustaeter



Glaucoma screening driven by genetic and other risk factors

Katri Pärna

University of Tartu, Estonia k.parna

Prediction models for type 2 diabetes

Parinaz Poursafa University of Isfahan, Iran p.poursafa Metabolic syndrome: the neglected role of airpollution
Sophie Riesmeijer Plastic Surgery, UMCG s.a.riesmeijer

Genetics of Dupuytren’s disease

Balewgizie Tegegne Psychiatry, Vascular Medicine b.s.tegegne Genetic and environmental influences on heart rate variability and its association with hypertension
Chris Thio

Nephrology, Health sciences


Socio-Economic Status, Genetic predisposition and the risk of chronic kidney diseases

Bin Wang Beijing University, China

Genetic and environmental influences on cardoimetabolic risk

Rujia Wang Psychiatry Shared genetic and environmental influences on major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, obesity and substance use disorder.
Eliza Walaszczyk RIVM, Endocrinology e.walaszczyk Epigenetics and the development of type 2 diabetes
Tian Xie Lifestyle medicine, UMCG t.xie Early (epi)genetic and environmental origins of obesity and hypertension
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