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Oncological Epidemiology

The unit Oncological Epidemiology has her focus on the screening on and prediction of outcomes in cancer. Special focus is on the screening of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer. The prediction of outcomes concerns short and long term side effects of the treatment of cancer.


The mission of the unit Oncological Epidemiology is to contribute to the discussion on early detection of cancer and to identify those patient groups that are at risk to develop side effects due to the treatment for cancer.


Patient series

Contribution to guideline development

In 2017 the following PhDs has been defended:

Natalia Teixeira. On hereditary ovarian cancer: towards improved management of BRCA1/2 mutation carriers in opposite sides of the world. Groningen: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 2017.

Rositsa Koleva-Kolarova. Health technology assessment of imaging technologies for breast cancer screening and follow-up. Groningen: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 2017.

Ingrid Fakkert. Beyond risk reducing salpingo-oophorectomy: on breast cancer risk and bone health. Groningen: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 2017.

Senior staff
Name Title and collaboration E-mail address Topic
Truuske de Bock

Full professor

Unit chair Screening and follow-up
Boukje van Dijk Senior researcheri n collaboration with Comprehensive Cancer Organisation

Head and neck oncology

Anh Phi Post-doc Breast cancer screening in high risk women
Janny Nagel Project coordinator OncoLifeS
Grigory Sidorenkov Post-doc collaboration with Radiology Screening on lung cancer
Gijs Landman Senior Researcher Cancer in diabetes
PhD Fellows
Liselotte Boerman Dept. General practice Longterm outcome in breast cancer
Daan Brandenbarg Dept. General practice GP follow-up coloractal cancer
Justine Briët Dept. Oncological Gynaecology Laparoscopy in endometrial cancer
Francisco Omar Cortes Ibañez Unam, Mexico Modifiable determinants of cancer
Lilu Ding Breast cancer screening
Catheleine van Driel Dept. Oncological Gynaecology and Clinical Genetics; DARE Oophorectomy
Yihui Du Dept. Radiology Lung cancer screening
Yassir Eltahir Dept. of Plastic Surgery Breast reconstruction
Ingrid Fakkert Dept. Oncoclogical Gynaecology Outcomes after RRSO
Nienke te Grootenhuis Dept of Oncological Gynaecology Local recurrence in vulva cancer
Monique Huisman Dept. of Oncological Surgery Outcomes after treatment for cancer in elderly
Leonie Jonker Dept. of Oncological Surgery Home monitoring after surgery
Timco Koopman Dept. Pathology Predicors for response on therapy
Emiel Kop Dept. Head and neck oncology and pathology Predictors in Laryngeal cancer
Ellen Lammerink Dept. Oncological Gynaecology Sexual outcomes after gynecological cancers
Maleen Leimkühler Oncological Surgery Peritoneal carcinomatosis in colorectal cancer
Saskia Maass Dept. General practice Long term outcome in breast cancer
Sara Moazzen Tabriz University Determinants for the development of gastric cancer
Linda de Munck Dutch Cancer Registry Population screening in breast cancer
Mathijs Plas Dept. of Oncological Surgery Inflammation after treatment for cancer in elderly
Nadia Sadok Dept. of Oncological Surgery
Dennis Schrijnders Diabetes Centre, Isala; Langerhans Medical Research Group, Zwolle; Gelre Hospital Apeldoorn Cancer in diabetes patients
Fabian van der Sluis Dept. of Oncological Surgery Predictors of outcome in surgical oncology
Anniek Stuursma Det Gynaecology Menopausal symptoms after RRSO
Marco Versluis Dept. of gynaecology and Pathology Pathological and immunological parameters in endometrial cancer
Jing Wang Tianjin Breast cancer screening
Linda Weerink Dept. of Oncological Surgery Sarcopenie as predictor for outcome after surgical oncology
Jorien Woolderink Dept. Oncological Gynaecology; DARE Lynch screening
Zhuo Zhan Dept. Surgical Oncology UMCG and Eindhoven Stepped Wedge Design and follou-up in colorectal cancer
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