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Dr. Douwe Postmus

Dr. Douwe Postmus
Dr. Douwe Postmus

Dr. Douwe Postmus is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Epidemiology of the University Medical Center Groningen. He has an M.Sc. degree in Econometrics and Operations Research and a Ph.D. degree in Economics and Business. He is an expert in quantitative modeling and has several years of experience in applying these techniques to various decision problems in software engineering and health care. His current research interests include multi-state disease modeling, statistical methods for eliciting prior distributions, Bayesian statistics, and multi-criteria decision analysis, where the emphasis is put on the combined use of these techniques to assist practitioners in making informed product development (early health technology assessment), reimbursement (classical health technology assessment), and personalized treatment decisions.

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2. Van Valkenhoef G, Tervonen T, Zhao J, de Brock B, Hillege HL, Postmus D, Multi-criteria benefit-risk assessment using network meta-analysis, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (in press Selected publications:

3. Postmus D, Meijler TD, Aligning the economic modeling of software reuse with reuse practices, Information and Software Technology 50 (2008) 753-762

4. Postmus D, Wijngaard J, Wortmann H, An economic model to compare the profitability of fixed-fee and pay-per-use licensing, Information and Software Technology 51 (2009) 581-588

5. Van Valkenhoef G, Tervonen T, de Brock B, Postmus D, Quantitative release planning in Extreme Programming, Information and Software Technology 53 (2011) 1227-1235

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