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Research ENTEG Research


ENTEG research is highly multidisciplinary in nature and focuses on fundamental and applied engineering research on the development of new and innovative processes and products for a wide range of product sectors. Process driven research activities are performed in the field of chemical and biochemical systems, mechanical and electric systems and system networks. Typical product sectors include biobased products (e.g. biobased monomers), tailored, complex materials such as advanced polymers or polymeric formulations (e.g. adhesives), catalysts, mechatronic devices (e.g. a chopper mechanism in a telescope, actuator and sensor design integrated in robots) and software and algorithms. Design, control and modelling and analyses complement the activities. The research activities are not performed in isolation; strong interactions between the product and process oriented research activities as well as the enabling activities (modelling, control and design) exist. A shared design and development approach is followed and each research project typically not only considers the implications of a given design of a product or process in a technological context but also pays attention to societal impact and as such contributes to the challenges of industry and society at large.

The research activities are performed in three research domains. The activities of the individual research units are typically carried out in one of the domains.

  1. Product and production technology: the application of fundamental sciences to the design of new (sustainable) products and research in the area of product and production technology for (bio)chemical based products and complex materials;
  2. Systems and control: the development of quantitative and analytical theories and methodologies for model-based design and control of complex industrial processes and systems;
  3. Smart manufacturing of complex materials: research in mechanical engineering aiming at improving the production processes of increasingly complex materials.

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