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Research ENTEG Research Data Management Policy of ENTEG

Responsibilities of ENTEG’s researchers

●     Supervisors

Supervisors are responsible for introducing their MSc and PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows to ENTEG’s data management policy, make a plan for storing, documenting and sharing their research data and output (during and after the completion of project) such that it is findable and accessible after they leave the university and make sure that they have completed their research data management plans .

●     MSc and PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Both MSc and PhD students together with Postdoctoral fellows and supervisors are obligated to complete ENTEG’s research data management plan . They have to make sure that they regularly back up and store their research data and output minimum in 3 environments, at least one being the cloud/ storage service of the university. Further details are given in Section 5 .

Steps to be taken at the beginning, during and after a research project
  • Determine a strategy on how to safely store, archive, collaborate, transfer and share the research data and the output.
  • Complete ENTEG’s research data management plan based on the agreed strategy with the supervisor and confirm its correctness with the ENTEG data engineer or with the DCC when in doubt. Read the user manual before completing the document.
    Important note: Everybody needs to be added manually to the system. In case you do not manage to log on, it might be that we have not been informed that you need access. If you cannot log on please send a message to the ENTEG data engineer .
  • During the research make sure to back up the research data and output regularly based on Section 5 of this document.
  • During the research make sure that precautions are taken regarding storing and sharing sensitive data. Confirm its correctness with the ENTEG data engineer or with the DCC .
  • Make sure that you have enough knowledge about using the necessary IT tools and applications to conduct and manage your research, or you know where and how to find necessary assistance.
  • After the research make sure that all the data, methodology and codes which result in plots, tables, images and any other type of end product that is used the verify and justify the research in a published article, PhD or MSc thesis, book, conference talk or poster are organized, documented and stored in a university maintained environment where the supervisor(s)/ group leader can find and easily access them.
  • Unpublished data, source code and research materials will be managed and stored for a period appropriate to the discipline(s) and methodology.
  • Decision-making regarding the destruction of research data will be in the hands of the research institute, based on the protocols and/or the data management plan, where necessary in consultation with the ethics boards of the FSE.

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