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Research ENTEG Research Data Management Policy of ENTEG

Research Data Management Policy of ENTEG

These pages (see menu on the left) describe the Research Data Management (RDM) policy for the ENTEG institute. This policy is based on university and FSE policy and guides the ENTEG researchers through the steps they need to take before, during and after the completion of research projects and their responsibilities.

In short:
It is essential that members of ENTEG become aware of a professional research data management framework. This means complying with the minimum requirements that enable secure storing, archiving, collaboration and sharing of the research data such that it is accessible and findable at any time by anyone in order to reproduce and verify the research output.

Additionally, each ENTEG researcher (Master’s student, PhD candidate, postdoc and permanent staff) is obliged to fill out a PDMP for each research project they are involved in and will do this before the actual start of the project. The template for the ENTEG DMP has to be filled via a web tool which can be accessed via (use chrome or firefox only). A checklist providing the most important questions to be answered in the PDMP, accompanies most sections. The filled plan is then saved and uploaded via the web tool.
To fill the DMP please also read
a short manual on how to use the webtool

Important note:
Everybody needs to be added manually to the web tool. In case you do not manage to log on, it might be that we have not been informed that you need access. If you
cannot log on, please send a message to the ENTEG data engineer .