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ENTEG, the Engineering and Technology institute Groningen, is an institute within the University of Groningen (UG) that is fully dedicated to multidisciplinary engineering science and technology research. ENTEG’s focus is on the development of innovative sustainable and smart processes and products through excellent research. Additionally, ENTEG actively invests in education and mentorship to both graduate and undergraduate students. Through strong industry partnerships, we transfer knowledge, share expertise, and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the engineering sector.

ENTEG currently houses 34 principal investigators, 2 part-time professors, 3 honorary professors and approximately 170 temporary researchers (Postdoctoral fellows and PhD students). Scientific staff is embedded in 11 research units. Each research unit has one or more faculty members, is headed by a full professor (chair) and some units have additional honorary members. An overview of the research unit and the chair of the unit is given in the scheme below. The units have their own websites that can be accessed via the links in the table.

ENTEG is led by a scientific director and an educational director who are both appointed by the Faculty Board. The scientific director of ENTEG represents the institute within the Faculty, the University, and on a national level, and serves as a point of contact for external connections on research. The educational director of ENTEG is in charge of supervising the educational activities of the staff, depending on the needs of the degree programmes and the competences and teaching tasks of the staff.

Overview of ENTEG research units:

Research unit

Chair of the unit

Advanced Production Engineering

Prof. Y. Pei

Bioproduct Engineering

Prof. M.J.E.C. van der Maarel

Bioinspired MEMS and Biomedical Devices

Prof. A.G.P. Kottapalli

Computational Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Prof. A.I. Vakis

Discrete Technology & Production Automation

Prof. M. Cao

Prof. M. Ghandchi Tehrani

Green Chemical Reaction Engineering

Prof. H.J. Heeres

Prof. D. Bauso

Product Technology

Prof. F. Picchioni

Products & Processes for Biotechnology in Biobased Economy

Prof. G.J.W. Euverink

Smart Manufacturing Systems

Prof. C. de Persis

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