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PhD Research

Name Project
Ayhan Aksu Literary heterogeneity, religious diversity and textual communities in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Nicoló Bettegazzi Anchoring the Fascist Revolution: Latin and Its Audiences in Fascist Italy (1922–1943)
Tjark Blokzijl Keizers en Decurionen. De verspreiding en acceptatie van keizerlijke macht, ideologie, cultuur en mentaliteit in Romeins Italië´ (27 v.Chr.- 68 n.Chr.)
Tamara Dijkstra Civic and cultural identities in a changing world. Analyzing the mortuary practices of the postclassical Peloponnese
Eelco Glas Character Formation in Josephus’ Judaean War
Annette Hansen The Agricultural Economy of Islamic Jordan, from the Arab Conquest to the Ottoman Period
Gemma Hayes Palaeography and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Frits Heinrich

Productive Landscapes. An interdisciplinary inquiry into the productivity of crop husbandry in the Roman Empire: 200 B.C. - A.D. 500

Ruwan van der Iest From the Nile to the Rivers of Babylon
Sjoukje Kamphorst Carving Communities in Stone: Inscriptions as a medium of Hellenistic globalization
Eleni Milka Mortuary differentiation and social structure in the Middle Helladic Argolid
Petru Moldovan

The Gospel of Thomas within the Syriac milieu of the Christian Church from Edessa

Manuele Ritondale On the impact of maritime sanctuaries and devotional practices on the definition of seaborne routes in the Byzantine period
Simon Speksnijder

Greeting and eating in Roman society, 80 B.C.–180 A.D.

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