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Research Stratingh Chemistry of Molecular Materials and Devices Conferentie

Next-Generation PV Materials

banner Next-Generation V+ PV Materials
4 - 6 July 2022, Oosterpoort, Groningen, the Netherlands

We will continue our Next Generation PV Materials conferences in 2024, organised by the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials. Please check out our website for further details:

Registration will open end of January 2024

Note: The website you are visiting now, covers our 2021 conference, the last in the series organised by the FOM Focus Group (NWO) and the University of Groningen

This international conference covered the main aspects of the science of materials and devices that are paving the road towards the highly efficient, stable organic and organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells necessary for mass production. Contributions concerning materials synthesis, photophysics, device physics, modelling and any related issues will be discussed.

Our conference was sponsored by the University of Groningen.

Registration is open until 27 June 2021!

Our confirmed invited speakers:

Henk Bolink (University of Valencia), Silvana Botti (Friedrich-Schiller University Jena), Christoph Brabec (Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg), Gianluca Coletti (TNO), Niels Damrauer (University of Colorado Boulder), Antonio Facchetti (Northwestern University - Weinberg College), Feng Gao (Linköping University), Ferdinand Grozema (Delft University of Technology), Eva Herzig (University of Bayreuth), Mónica Lira-Cantú (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology), Safa Shoaee (University of Potsdam), Shuxia Tao (Eindhoven University of Technology).


The first conference took place in 2013, followed by the editions of 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Organizing Committee: Remco Havenith, Jan Anton Koster, Renate Hekkema

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