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Research Bernoulli Institute Computing and Cognition

Computing and Cognition

Human cognition is often considered as a form of computing. This means that human intelligence can be an inspiration for new algorithms and representations, but also that theories of cognition are constrained by principles of computation. In this theme new architectures based on human intelligence are developed, including analogue computing and learning systems. In addition, knowledge about human cognition is used to optimally adapt computing systems to their users.

This theme is central in AI and parts of CS: cognitive AI, cognitive and behavioural robotics, human-computer collaboration, computation in cognitive materials, cognitive architectures, innovative computer architectures and networks, cognitive visualization. In Mathematics areas like probability (stochastic systems), dynamical systems, or systems & control of neuromorphic systems relate to this theme. The theory of computing (for example, building a fundamental "non-Turing" theory of neuromorphic information processing) is directly relevant here. The theme strongly connects to CogniGron, which (currently at least) is unique for the Netherlands and will enable the institute to build a strong profile in this area.

  • The groups that conduct research within the area Computing and Cognition are available here.

  • Relevant projects in this area can be found here.

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