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Research Bernoulli Institute Fundamental Computing

Media and Outreach

November 2022: Our new animation "Fundamental Computing:The Many Sides of Logic" was launched! (Developed in collaboration with Anne Mérat.)

April 2022: A portrait of our group appeared in the I/O Magazine (April 2022) of the IPN (Informatica Platform Nederland)

I/O magazine april 2022
I/O Magazine, April 2022, IPN. Photo by Ivar Pel.

October 2021: We launched an animation "Fundamental Computing: Mathematics and logic for software we can all rely on" developed in collaboration with Anne Mérat.

April 2021: A “lespaket” on Program Correctness was produced by Jorge Peréz in collaboration with the Scholierenacademie: see here for details.

Feb 2020: We developed a poster "Software is everywhere!" in collaboration with Anne Mérat.

Software is everywhere
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