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Research Bernoulli Institute Fundamental Computing

Teaching and supervision

Our group delivers education in the study programmes BSc Computing Science and MSc Computing Science:

BSc courses (2021-2022)

MSc courses (2021-2022)

Supervision of BSc and MSc Students

Looking for a BSc or MSc research project? Feel free to contact one of the faculty members of the group for a specific topic.

Below is a list of students who carried out an MSc thesis, BSc thesis, or Honours College project under the supervision of one or more members of the Fundamental Computing group. Unless stated otherwise, these projects were part of the degree programmes for Computing Science at the University of Groningen. The theses for graduation projects at the UG can be found in the Student Thesis Repository of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

MSc thesis projects

  • Bas van den Heuvel, The Logic of Fault-Tolerance in Message-Passing Concurrency (2019, UvA, co-supervised with Alban Ponse)
  • Luc van den Brand, L-systems as a graph of Operations: Evaluating the viability of rewriting L-systems using TensorFlow (2019, main supervisor Jiri Kosinka)
  • Jeroen Brandsma, Design and validation of a software architecture when integrating third party software components (2018, co-supervised with Paris Avgeriou)
  • Firat Sertgoz, Scalability Evaluation of Hyperledger Fabric and Channels Component (2018, co-supervised with Marco Aiello)

BSc thesis and Honours College projects

  • Bas Haaksema, Executable Specifications of Message-based Concurrency in Maude (2021)
  • Jens Hartsuiker, Automating University Timetabling using MiniZinc (2021)
  • Antal Huisman, Translating Incorrectness Logic into KAT (2021, main supervisor: Dan Frumin)
  • Chris Worthington, Proof Transformations for Game Logic (2021).
  • Kanghu Shi (2020-2021, Honours College project)
  • Luis D. Reyes, Message-Passing Concurrency: Links between Concurrent ML and the π-calculus (2020)
  • Alex Keizer, Coalgebras of Session Types: Defining a syntax independent framework (2020, UL, main supervisor Henning Basold)
  • Anda-Amelia Palamariuc, Minimal Session Types for First-Order Processes (2020)
  • Mark Soelman, Hyperledger Fabric: A study of endorsement policies for supply chains (2019, co-supervised with Vasilios Andrikopoulos)
  • Bianca Udrescu, An exercise on program equivalence for message-passing processes (2019)
  • Evi Xhelo, Strong Normalization in Message-Passing Concurrency (2019)
  • Jakob Vokac, Verifying message-passing programs using decompositions (2019)
  • Elton Antonis, Verifying Message-Passing Programs in Go (2018, Honours College project and BSc Thesis)
  • Alexandru Babeanu, Implementing Synchronous Reactive Programming in RxJava (2018, co-supervised with Mauricio Cano)
  • Barnabas Busa, Proof of Actual Work (2018, co-supervised with Vasilios Andrikopoulos)
  • Daan Raatjes (2018, Honours College project)
  • Erik Voogd, Minimal Session Types (2018)
  • Erik Voogd, Verifying LTL Specifications for Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems, BSc Maths, UG (2018, co-supervised with Bart Besselink)
  • Folkert de Vries, Reversible Session-Based Concurrency in Haskell (2018)
  • Ana Roman, Relating Specifications of Compensations and Dynamic Update (2017)
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