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Research Bernoulli Institute EDOC2023

Program EDOC 2023 and CoopIS 2023

Conference Event Program Overview
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October 30th

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The programs of the workshops are available at the following links:

October 31st

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Keynote talk: Fabio Casati (room: Bernoulliborg 105)

Responsible Enterprise AI in the era of powerful models

CoopIS Session 1 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Knowledge Engineering

  • Enhancing Fairness and Accuracy in Machine Learning through Similarity Networks: Samira Maghool, Elena Casiraghi and Paolo Ceravolo
  • Considering Vocabulary Mappings in Query Plans for Federations of RDF Data Sources: Sijin Cheng, Sebasti ́an Ferrada and Olaf Hartig
  • AIS – a Metric for assessing the Impact of an Influencer’s Twitter Activity on the Price of a Cryptocurrency: Kevin Miller and Kristof Böhmer

Session chair: Maria-Esther Vidal

 CoopIS Session 2 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Deployment and Migration in CISs

  • Managing the Variability of Component Implementations and Their Deployment Configurations Across Heterogeneous Deployment Technologies: Miles Stötzner, Uwe Breitenbücher, Robin Pesl and Steffen Becker
  • Adaptive Multi-Agent System for Dynamic Clustering Applied to Itineraries Regularities and Traffic Prediction: Alexandre Perles, Ha Nhi Ngo, Elsy Kaddoum and Val ́erie Camps
  • Double Deep Q-Network-based Time and Energy-efficient Mobility-aware Workflow Migration Approach: Nour El Houda Boubaker, Karim Zarour, Nawal Guermouche and Djamel Benmerzoug

Session chair: Maria-Esther Vidal

EDOC tutorial (room: Bernoulliborg 041b)

EDOC Session 1 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Process Improvement and Engineering

  • Progressing from Process Mining Insights to Process Improvement: Challenges and Recommendations: Vinicius Stein Dani, Henrik Leopold, Jan Martijn van der Werf and Hajo A. Reijers
  • Developing Taxonomies for Business Process Engineering: Ton Soetekouw, Paul Grefen, Irene Vanderfeesten and Oktay Turetken
  • Towards adaptive digital twins architecture (Journal-First publication): Rotimi Ogunsakin, Nikolay Mehanjiev and Cesar Marin

Session chair: Remco Dijkman

EDOC Demonstrations (room: Bernoulliborg 041b)

  • A Distributed In-Car Massage Application Based on Eclipse Chariott: Kevin Klein, Alexander Walz, Steffen Becker
  • Enabling 3D Simulation in ThingsBoard: a First Step Towards a Digital Twin Platform: Massimo Callisto De Donato, Flavio Corradini, Fabrizio Fornari, Barbara Re, Matteo Romagnoli
  • Adaptive Process Log Generation and Analysis with >_NEXT(LOG) & ML.LOG: Dyllan Cartwright, Radu Andrei Sterie, Arash Yadegari Ghahderijani, Dimka Karastoyanova

November 1st

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Keynote talk: Coral Calero (room: Bernoulliborg 151)

Always look on the green side of software

EDOC Session 2 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Enterprise Architecture & Engineering

  • A Generic and Customizable Genetic Algorithms-based Conceptual Model Modularization Platform: Syed Juned Ali, Jan Michael Laranjo and Dominik Bork
  • SecFlow: Adaptive Security-Aware Workflow Management System in Multi-Cloud Environments (EDOC Forum): Nafiseh Soveizi and Fatih Turkmen
  • MARTSIA: Enabling Data Confidentiality for Blockchain-based Process Execution: Edoardo Marangone, Claudio Di Ciccio, Daniele Friolo, Eugenio Nerio Nemmi, Daniele Venturi and Ingo Weber
  • Trustworthiness Requirements in Information Systems Design: Lessons Learned from the Blockchain Community (Journal-First Publication): Irina Rychkova and Marwa Ghriba

Session chair: Marco Comuzzi

CoopIS Session 3 (room: Bernoulliborg 253) : Process Modeling and Session 

  • Beyond Rule-based Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction for Process Model Generation from Natural Language Text: Julian Neuberger, Lars Ackermann and Stefan Jablonski
  • LABPMN: Location-Aware Business Process Modeling and Notation: Leo Poss, Lukas Dietz and Stefan Schönig
  • On the Semantic Transparency of Declarative Process Models: The Case of Constraints: Dung My Thi Trinh, Amine Abbad-Andaloussi and Hugo A. L ́opez
  • Discovering Guard Stage Milestone models through hierarchical clustering: Leyla Moctar M’Baba, Mohamed Sellami, Nour Assy, Walid Gaaloul and Mohamedade Farouk Nanne

Session chair: Mohamed Sellami

Keynote talk: Boualem Benatallah (room: Bernoulliborg 105)

Conversational AI enabled Services: Opportunities, Risks and Directions

EDOC Session 3 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Modeling in an Enterprise Context

  • A Taxonomy for Platform Revenue Models: An Empirical-to-Conceptual Development Approach: Nedo Bartels, Matthias Koch, Anna Schmitt and Jaap Gordijn
  • Conceptual Modeling in Support of Economic and Regulatory Viability Assessment - A Reality Check on the Example of Developing an Energy Community: Sybren De Kinderen, Qin Ma, Monika Kaczmarek-Heß and Rik Eshuis
  • Paving the Way for the Low-/No-Code Development of Digital Therapeutics: The DTxTAPP Framework (Forum): Thure Georg Weimann
  • Building an Ontological Bridge between Supply Chain Resilience and IoT Applications: Martijn Koot, Martijn Mes and Maria-Eugenia Iacob

Session chair: Irene Vanderfeesten

CoopIS Session 4 (room: Bernoulliborg 253) : Process Analytics 1

  • Discovery of Workflow Patterns - A Comparison of Process Discovery Algorithm: Kerstin Andree, Mai Hoang, Felix Dannenberg, Ingo Weber and Luise Pufahl
  • From Process Mining Insights to Process Improvement: All Talk and No Action?: Vinicius Stein Dani, Henrik Leopold, Jan Martijn van der Werf, Iris Beerepoot and Hajo A. Reijers
  • Rectify Sensor Data in IoT: A Case Study on Enabling Process Mining for Logistic Process in an Air Cargo Terminal: Chiao-Yun Li, Aparna Joshi, Nicholas Tam, Sean Lau, Jinhui Huang, Tejaswini Shinde and Wil van der Aalst
  • Using Process Mining for Face Validity Assessment in Agent-based Simulation Models: An Exploratory Case Study: Rob Bemthuis, Ruben Govers and Sanja Lazarova-Molnar

Session chair: Walid Gaaloul

Conference dinner: Prinsenhof

Martinikerkhof 23, Groningen

November 2nd

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Keynote talk: Janinia Bauer (room: Bernoulliborg 105)

Can processes save the world?

EDOC Session 4 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Enterprise Modeling

  • A System Ontology for Emergence Modeling: Rodrigo Calhau, João Paulo Andrade Almeida, Tiago Prince Sales, Giancarlo Guizzardi, David Cameron, Satyanarayana Kokkula, Luís Ferreira Pires and Ítalo
  •  What do I get from modeling?: Isadora Valle Sousa, Tiago Prince Sales, Eduardo Martins Guerra, Giancarlo Guizzardi and Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos
  •  On the ability of novice modellers to identify, represent and trace tactical and strategic conceptual elements in business process and enterprise modelling (Forum): Ghazaleh Aghakhani, Koen Heeren, Yves Wautelet, Stephan Poelmans and Manuel Kolp
  •  A Model-Driven Approach to SAP S/4HANA Development: Jonathan Neugebauer, Jonas Hochstrat, Konrad Schneid, Daniel Sigge and Herbert Kuchen

Session chair: Irina Rychkova

CoopIS Session 5 (room: Bernoulliborg 253) : Human Aspects and Social Interaction in CISs

  • Towards Scaling External Feedback for Early-Stage Researchers: A survey study: Yuchao Jiang, Marcos Baez and Boualem Benatallah
  • Learning Hierarchical Robot Skills Represented by Behavior Trees from Natural Language: Kaiyi Wang, Yongjia Zhao, Shuling Dai, Minghao Yang, Yichen He and Ning Zhang
  • Relating Context and Self Awareness in the Internet of Things: David Arnaiz, Marc Vila, Eduard Alarc ́on, Francesc Moll, Maria-Ribera Sancho and Ernest Teniente
  • Social Network Mining from Natural Language Text and Event Logs for Compliance Deviation Detection: Henryk Mustroph, Karolin Winter and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma

Session chair: Hervé Panetto

CoopIS Session 6 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Security and Privacy in CISs

  • Decentralized and Autonomous Key Management for Open Multi-Agent Systems of Embedded Agents: Arthur Baudet, Oum-El-Kheir Aktouf, Annabelle Mercier and Philippe Elbaz-Vincent
  • An Empirical Study on Socio-technical Modeling for Interdisciplinary Privacy: Claudia Negri-Ribalta, Rene Noel, Oscar Pastor and Camille Salinesi
  • Enhancing Workflow Security in Multi-Cloud Environments through Monitoring and Adaptation upon Cloud Service and Network Security: Nafiseh Soveizi and Dimka Karastoyanova

Session chair: Philipp Zech

CoopIS Session 7 (room: Bernoulliborg 253) : Work in Progress (WIP) Papers 1

  • BAnDIT: Business Process Anomaly Detection in Transactions: Nico Alexander Rudolf, Kristof B ̈ohmer and Maria Leitner
  • Resource-Driven Process Manipulation: Modeling Concepts and Valid Allocations: Felix Schumann and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
  • Graph Collaborative Filtering and Data Augmentation Strategies in Dual-Target CDR: Xiaowen Shao, Baisong Liu, Xueyuan Zhang, Junru Li, Ercong Xu and Shiqi Wu
  • Clustering Raw Sensor Data in Process Logs to Detect Data Streams: Matthias Ehrendorfer, Juergen Mangler and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
  • Comparing the Performance of GPT-3 with BERT for Decision Requirements Modeling: Alexandre Goossens, Johannes De Smedt and Jan Vanthienen

Session chair: Renata Carvalho

CoopIS Session 8 (room: Bernoulliborg 253) : Work in Progress (WIP) Papers 2

  • A Requirements Study on Model Repositories for Digital Twins in Construction: Philipp Zech, Georg Fröch and Ruth Breu
  • Joint Dynamic Resource Allocation and Trajectory Optimization for UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing in Internet of Vehicles: Runji Li and Haifeng Sun
  • Towards an Improved Unsupervised Graph-based MRI Brain Segmentation Method: Maria Popa and Anca Andreica
  • User-friendly exploration of highly heterogeneous data lakes: Nelly Barret, Simon Ebel, Th ́eo Galizzi, Ioana Manolescu and Madhulika Mohanty
  • Optimizing hospital patient flow by predicting aftercare requests from fuzzy time series: Renata Medeiros de Carvalho, Stef van der Sommen and Danilo Ferreira de Carvalho

Session chair: Claudia Negri-Ribalta

November 3rd

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Keynote talk: Jerker Delsing

Flexible production value networks: a possibility of a utopia

EDOC Session 5 (room: Bernoulliborg 105): Enterprise Analysis with Process Mining

  • A Methodology for the Analysis of Robotic Systems via Process Mining: Flavio Corradini, Sara Pettinari, Barbara Re, Lorenzo Rossi and Francesco Tiezzi
  • An Approach for Face Validity Assessment of Agent-Based Simulation Models through Outlier Detection with Process Mining: Rob Bemthuis and Sanja Lazarova-Molnar
  • Monitoring Business Process Compliance Across Multiple Executions with Stream Processing (EDOC Forum): Chukri Soueidi, Yliès Falcone and Sylvain Hallé

EDOC PhD Symposium (room: Bernoulliborg 165)

  • Trusted Provenance of Collaborative, Adaptive, Process-based Data Processing Pipelines: Ludwig Stage
  • Towards a Knowledge Base and Design and Action Theory for Intelligence Amplification: Jean Paul Sebastian Piest
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