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Johann Bernoulli lezing (32) Maandag 3 april 2023 19.30

Wanneer:ma 03-04-2023
Waar:Aula Academie gebouw  en live stream
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Arjen Dijkstra - fot. Gerhard Taatgen

Taking mathematics to the streets

De lezing is via deze live stream te volgen  Bernoulli Lecture 2023

Bernoulli and other Early Modern Mathematicians in Groningen
and Friesland (ca. 1500-1800)

Arjen Dijkstra
Director Tresor Leeuwarden

In the early modern period mathematics and astronomy found their way into the curriculum of many universities, but also into the practices of many lay people. So too in the North of the Netherlands where two universities are closely connected, but they take quite different positions in the history of mathematics. The universities of Franeker (1585-1811) and of Groningen (founded 1614) were connected to each other but also to some remarkable mathematics and some very well-known mathematicians. At the same time some outstanding achievements can be found outside the direct boundaries of these academic institutions. In this lecture I will answer the question to what extent the development of mathematics in Franeker and Groningen is an integrated story.

I will start my lecture with the tenure of Johann Bernoulli at Groningen University, which is still considered one of the high points in the more than 400 year history of this illustrious institution. But it is not the only landmark in the history of mathematics in this region. For example while Bernoulli lectured in Groningen, the posthumous works of Christiaan Huygens were being edited at Franeker University.

The story will include the famous Eise Eisinga Planetarium (currently nominated as UNESCO World Heritage), some very good, but also some very poor professors in both Groningen and Friesland. I will talk about a well-known comet hunter and also about artisans in the North of the Netherlands who produced the best telescopes of the time. These mathematicians collected inspiring libraries, while others took mathematics to the streets – challenging their peers to mathematical duels to prove their prowess.

By tracing these stories I will shed light on the development of mathematics and astronomy in the early modern period, and in this specific region of the Netherlands.

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