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Research Bernoulli Institute Calendar

Seminar Computer Science - Dr. Bin Yu

When:Mo 17-05-2021 09:15 - 10:00
Where:Online (see below)

Title: Data Design to Create Experience, Meaning and Insights

Abstract: Dr. Bin Yu is a data designer at Philips. He obtained his Ph.D. from TU Eindhoven, on the topic is 'Biofeedback Design’. Bin’s research mainly lies in the intersection of healthcare, Human-Computer-Interaction, and data visualization. In this presentation, he will share his work around data design, how he leverages HCI, visualization, and design to transform data into an interactive experience, meaningful graphics, and valuable insights. The presentation will cover topics as follows:

Firstly, Bin will talk about his extensive design explorations on Human-Computer Interaction including visualization, sonification, ambient display, shape-changing display, tangible and haptic interfaces to display biofeedback information and create a new experience around our own bodily data.

Secondly, Bin will present his work on metaphorical and artistic visualization. He suggests the aesthetics and metaphors in data visualization could play an important role in engaging everyday users with their data for self-tracking, self-reflection, and self-care. The very potential of personal data might be reached with a casual visualization that is ‘easy to understand‘, ‘curious to observe’, and ‘happy to reflect on and share’.

Lastly, Bin will talk about the interactivity of data visualization. Interactive visualizations may facilitate users to get the right information at the right time, which could be especially beneficial in facilitating human-AI collaboration, human analysis, and decision making. Interactive visualizations also allow users to work on data in a specific or exploratory manner that facilitates discovering new insights or shaping an interesting story in a lively way.

Dr. Bin Yu
Dr. Bin Yu