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Software Engineering "Industry Day" at University of Groningen

When:Fr 14-06-2024 13:00 - 17:00
Where:5161.0105 Bernoulliborg, University of Groningen (borrel from 17:00)
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Join our network of industrial collaborators as we come together to discuss the best practices in student onboarding, share experiences and exchange ideas for future collaborations. With many experiences to share, this event promises valuable insights and the opportunity to explore ways to replicate the success stories. Let's connect, collaborate, and celebrate achievements!

There will be two parts to the event: during the "Industry Day" segment, we'll share insights and best practices that have emerged from the hundreds of software-based projects of the past four years, carried out through the UnICo scheme. This portion will offer an opportunity to showcase innovative solutions, facilitate valuable knowledge exchange, and illustrate the enduring relationships formed with our industry collaborators. Additionally, we will feature talks from our industry partners, highlighting what factors were the most effective at integrating students into their hosting projects.

Following the "Industry Day" we'll move into a "poster session" where the Software Engineering students of 2024 will present the software solutions they've collaborated on with our industry partners throughout the year. This session will provide them with a valuable opportunity to discuss their work and successes with you, adding to their overall experience.

If you are interested in this event, please fill out the form.


  • 1PM: opening statement, prof. dr. Joost Frenken Dean Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • 1:10PM: prof Dr Andrea Capiluppi, RUG: 4 years of UnICo: Successed and Lessons Learned
  • 1:30PM: dr Frank Blaauw, Researchable: From Student Sidekicks to Professional Powerhouses: Our Journey with Future Innovators
  • 2PM: Chris van Riemsdijk, DataNorth AI Consultancy
  • 2:30PM: Jeroen Overschie, Xebia: Are you ready for MLOps?
  • 3PM: Coffee Break
  • 3:30PM: Dogukan Tuna and Kaitlin Vos: Analyzing the Onboarding Experience of Students in Computing Science at the University of Groningen.
  • 4PM: Ammar Osaiweran and Shady Gmira, ASML.
  • 5PM: Poster session
  • 6PM: Borrelen