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Research Data Management Plan

The Bernoulli Research Data Management (RDM) Policy is the official document that regulates how every scientist at the Bernoulli Institute should handle their research data to make it FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable) for purposes of verification and safekeeping and compliant with the European Data Protection Regulations. It follows the recommendations of NWO, KNAW and the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen.

Bernoulli RDM Policy (principles and guidelines)

RDMP webtool (to create a RDM plan)

A Bernoulli Institute project that involves data should be associated to a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP).

Responsibilities for staff members

  • research groups are advised to record, using an RDMP, the way in which the group collects, stores and manages research data. An RDMP template appropriate for group research will be made available as soon as possible.
  • if you are the principal investigator in an externally funded project, you are strongly advised to fill in an RDMP, especially if the project entails data that is not recorded in the RDMP of your research group.
  • if you act as supervisors of PhD and/or MSc projects, you will discuss with the students you supervise how data and data archives will be deposited at the end of their project. You will receive access to the PhD/MSc students' RDMPs.
  • to make the raw and processed data available to the the research group leader, the BI RDMP coordinator, or the director of the institute should the staff member who authored the data entry become incapacitated.

Responsibilities for PhD students

  • to submit an RDMP after the beginning of the project and to store and archive their data in a way that would make it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. PhD students are expected to discuss your RDMP at your 6-month interview with their supervisors, as per the GSSE regulations. RDMPs can be filled in and submitted here.
  • to give access to supervisors to the RDMP, to the extent that that restrictions do not apply - section "Open, unless..." in the policy.
  • to discuss with the supervisors how data and data archives will be deposited and accessed after the student’s graduation.
  • if you are an incoming PhD student, your P number is added to the webtool or write to to create access to the RDM plan.
  • The PhD coordinators will monitor the state of submission of PhD RDMPs.

Useful contacts:

PhD RDM plan
PhD coordinator and policy officer: Elina Sietsema (e.sietsema and Tanja van der Woude (t.j.van.der.woude

Drafting a RDM plan for a funding proposal
Research Data Office (

Technical aspects (Data analyses for complex data structures, Design, layout, maintenance and management of University of Groningen data repositories, Archiving and curation of data stored in the University of Groningen environment, Facilitating third-party services)
Research Data Office (

Privacy Impact Assessment
Research Data Office (

Privacy issues concerning data
Ronald Zwaagstra (

Data security issues
CIT Security team (linked to

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