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BCN Dissertations / PhD theses

A comprehensive study of the voltage gated potassium channel Kv4.3: from functional analysis to molecular dynamics modelling
Tiecher, C. (December 18th, 2019)

Cell-autonomous and non-cell autonomous protection of DNAJB6 in Huntington’s disease
Bason, M. (December 2nd, 2019)

Neglected aspects of hormone mediated maternal effects: Studies on early embryonic modulation of maternal hormonal signals in avian eggs and related methodological aspects
Kumar, N. (December 2nd, 2019)

Latitudinal differences in the circadian system of Nasonia vitripennis
Floessner, T. (November 22nd, 2019)

Childhood-onset movement disorders: mechanistic and therapeutic insights from Drosophila melanogaster
Lambrechts, R.A. (November 13th, 2019)

New nodules at incidence low-dose CT lung cancer screening
Walter, J.E. (November 11th, 2019)

Social stress: the good, the bad, and the neurotrophic factor: understanding the brain through PET imaging and molecular biology
Lima Giacobbo, B. (November 4th, 2019)

Time & Other Dimensions
Schlichting, N. (October 31st, 2019)

Advancing transcriptome analysis in models of disease and ageing
de Jong, T.V. (October 28th, 2019)

Victimization in psychosis: a body-oriented and social cognitive approach
van der Stouwe, E. (October 28th, 2019)

From blood to brain: the kynurenine pathway in stress- and age-related diseases
Sorgdrager, F.J.H. (October 23rd, 2019)

Evaluation of BACE1 silencing as a therapy against Alzheimer disease: implications for lipid metabolism and inflammatory response
Villamil Ortiz, J. (October 22nd, 2019)

Early detection and prevention of first symptoms of psychiatric disorders in adolescence
El Bouhaddani, S. (October 21st, 2019)

Temporal integration & healthy ageing
Saija, J.D. (October 14th, 2019)

An inflamed mood: studies on the role of inflammation in the pathophysiology and treatment outcome of major depressive disorder
Yang, C. (October 9th, 2019)

Don’t underestimate father: Effects of cryptic and non-cryptic paternal traits on maternal effect in a species without paternal care
Lelono, A. (October 4th, 2019)

Auditory hallucinations in youth: occurrence, clinical significance and intervention strategies
van Slobbe-Maijer, K. (September 30th, 2019)

Pathologic erections: historical, pathophysiological and clinical aspects
Vreugdenhil, S. (September 25th, 2019)

Regulation of protein homeostasis in acute and chronic stress
Wu, D. (September 23rd, 2019)

In search of animal models for male sexual dysfunction: Pharmacological studies in normal and serotonin transporter knockout rats
Esquivel Franco, D. (September 20th, 2019)

Biomarkers in the differential diagnosis of dementia: cerebrospinal fluid compounds- and nuclear molecular imaging tracers
Reesink, F.E. (September 18th, 2019)

Hsp70 machinery vs protein aggregation: the role of chaperones in cellular protein homeostasis
Serlidaki, D. (September 16th, 2019)

Moving forward in childhood-onset movement disorders: a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and care
Eggink, H. (September 11th, 2019)

Molecular composition and function of the spiral ganglion neuron peripheral synapse in mice
Reijntjes, D.O.J. (September 9th, 2019)

Quantitative cardiac dual source CT; from morphology to function
van Assen, M. (September 4th, 2019)

Social cognition and traumatic brain injury: neuropsychological assessment & treatment
Westerhof-Evers, M. (August 26th, 2019)

Neurophysiological signature(s) of visual hallucinations across neurological and perceptual: and non-invasive treatment with physical exercise
Dauwan, M. (July 9th, 2019)

Poor old pores: The cell’s challenge to make and maintain nuclear pore complexes in aging
Rempel, I.L. (July 9th, 2019)

Young-onset movement disorders: Genetic advances require a new clinical approach
van Egmond, M.E. (July 3rd, 2019)

On the color of voices: the relationship between cochlear implant users’ voice cue perception and speech intelligibility in cocktail-party scenarios
El Boghdady, N. (24th, 2019)

Listening difficulties in children: auditory processing and beyond
de Wit, E. (June 19th, 2019)

VPS13A: shining light on its localization and function
Faber, A.I.E. (May 15th, 2019)

Lipocalin 2 and the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease
Dekens, D.W. (May 15th, 2019)

Segmentation and quantitative analysis in whole-body PET imaging
Zhuang, M. (May 8th, 2019)

Adaptive seating and adaptive riding in children with cerebral palsy: In children with cerebral palsy
Angsupaisal, M. (May 6th, 2019)

Parkinson's disease and impairments in executive functions Assessment and treatment from a neuropsychological perspective: assessment and treatment from a neuropsychological perspective
Hoogstins-Vlagsma, T. (April 25th, 2019)

Multimedia-minded: media multitasking, cognition, and behavior
Wiradhany, W. (April 18th, 2019)

Rhythm & Blues: Chronobiology in the pathophysiology and treatment of mood disorders
Knapen, S.E. (April 17th, 2019)

Anterior segment optical coherence tomography angiography: Development and application of OCT angiography for corneal vascularisation
Ang Han Nian, M. (April 17th, 2019)

Off-label use of antipsychotic medication in people with intellectual disabilities: adherence to guidelines, long-term effectiveness, and effects on quality of life
Ramerman, L. (April 15th, 2019)

The role of visual adaptation in cichlid fish speciation
Wright, D.S. (March 29th, 2019)

A Move Ahead: Research into the physical activity support of people with (severe or profound) intellectual disabilities
Bossink, L. (March 21st, 2019)

Aging in multilingual Netherlands: Effects on cognition, wellbeing and health
Pot, A. (January 31st, 2019)

The impact of the invisible: Cognitive deficits, behavioral changes, and fatigue after subarachnoid hemorrhage
Buunk, A.M. (January 23th, 2019)

Neurolinguistic profiles of advanced readers with developmental dyslexia
van Setten, E. (January 10th, 2019)

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