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Two BCN researchers receive a Vici award

It takes two to communicate: Voice perception and linguistic content
Prof. D. (Deniz) Ba┼čkent (f), UMCG – Ear, Nose and Throat
Talking is what makes us human, but hearing impairment can lead to long-term loss of the ability to hear others' voices. While this is often seen as a disability, in this project we use the effects of hearing impairment to investigate the value of voice perception in speech communication.

The stopwatch in our brains
Prof. D.H. (Hedderik) van Rijn (m), RUG – Psychometrics & Statistical Techniques
Optimal human behavior strongly depends on the accurate estimation of short intervals. Yet, scientists don't know how the stopwatch in our brain functions. In this project, scientists will construct a computer-model of our brain and explain how we can utilise time for optimal behavior, and how to become better timers.

Source: NWO

Last modified:12 March 2020 10.13 p.m.