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BAMBI project: participants requested

Message from the Institute of Developmental Neurology (Beatrix Children’s Hospital)

Dear BCN colleague,

Are you pregnant and approaching the date of delivery, or do you know someone who is close to the date of delivering a baby or just has delivered one?

In the BAMBI project (Brain Activity and Motor Behaviour in Infants) we are looking for healthy young infants!

In BAMBI we measure in an infant-friendly way muscle and brain activity during the baby’s movements.

We assess the infants at three ages: at 1, 3 and 5 months. During each assessment we evaluate the infant’s spontaneous movements in supine. At 3 and 5 months we also study what happens when we present a toy to the baby – does the infant reach to the toy? Each assessment is concluded with a brief neurological exam. Finally, the children are re-assessed at the age of 18 months. At that point in time, the assessment only consists of a neurological exam.

In more detail:

  • Who : healthy baby’s born after a pregnancy of at least 37 weeks
  • How : muscle- and brain activity are measured by means of baby-friendly surface electrodes attached to the infant’s skin
  • When : at the age of 1,  3, and 5 months of age; in addition a neurological exam at the age of 18 months
  • Duration : the first three appointments about one hour; the assessment at 18 months takes less time
  • Where : UMCG, Institute of Developmental Neurology. We have facilities for feeding, diapering, etc.
  • Advantage : you will get information on your baby’s development
  • Travel and parking costs are covered

Are you interested?

Please contact Lilian Straathof, MD and PhD-student via e.j.m.straathof or via the Institute’s phone: 050 3614252 .

The project-team,
Prof. dr. Mijna Hadders-Algra
Dr. Ying-Chin Wu
Dr. Elisa Hamer
Lilian Straathof
Linze Dijkstra
Anneke Kracht

Last modified:11 December 2019 12.31 p.m.