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Poster - klein

The human mind is one of the greatest marvels in the universe. Always more complex than you think, revealing its secrets only slowly to those who study it. Yet, these small steps of better understanding can be greatly helpful in preventing or treating brain disorders. In the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), clinicians and researchers studying the human brain and mind are united in research school for Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN).

We want to reach out to the general public to show our fascination and share with you some of the brain secrets we could collect. In the next few years, we will organize monthly events for everyone interested in the human mind. The events will take place in Groningen, the Netherlands. Entrance fee will be kept low and the language will be kept understandable for people with no specific knowledge of the human mind but who share a common interest.

Since 2019 and in collaboration with FORUM Groningen, we host Marvelous Mind movies. These movies feature aspects of the human mind or a specific brain disorder. The topic will be introduced by a scientist specialized in the matter at hand. The evening is finished with a discussion of the movie.

You can register for updates of our agenda via Evelyn Kuiper-Drenth (e.t.kuiper-drenth or +31 (0)50 361 6778).

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