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Publications members Arctic Centre 2020

Admiraal, M. , Drieu, L., Lucquin, A., Casale, S., Jordan, P., & Craig, O. (2020). Leftovers: The presence of manufacture-derived aquatic lipids in Alaskan Pottery. Archaeometry, 62(2), 346-361.

Admiraal, M., Lucquin, A., von Tersch, M., Craig, O. E., & Jordan, P. (Accepted/In press). The Adoption of Pottery on Kodiak Island: Insights from Organic Residue Analysis. Quaternary International.

Bondetti, M., Lucquin, A., Savelev, N., Weber, A., Craig, O. E., & Jordan, P. (Accepted/In press). Resource Processing, Early Pottery and the Emergence of Kitoi Culture in Cis-Baikal: Insights from Lipid Residue Analysis of an Early Neolithic Ceramic Assemblage from the Gorelyi Les Habitation Site, Eastern Siberia. Archaeological Research in Asia .

Bondetti, M. , Scott (Chirkova), S., Lucquin, A., Meadows, J., Lozovskaya, O., Dolbunova, E., ... Craig, O. (2020). Fruits, fish and the introduction of pottery in the Eastern European plain: Lipid residue analysis of ceramic vessels from Zamostje 2. Quaternary International, 541, 104-114.

Desjardins, S. (Guest ed.), Jordan, P. (Guest ed.), Friesen , T. M., & Timmerman, M-L. (2020). Long-Term Perspectives on Circumpolar Social-Ecological Systems. Quaternary International.

Desjardins, S., Friesen , T. M., & Jordan, P. (Accepted/In press). Looking back while moving forward: how past responses to climate change can inform future adaptation and mitigation strategies in the Arctic. Quaternary International.

Desjardins, S., Jordan, P., Friesen , T. M., & Timmermans, M-L. (Accepted/In press). Editorial: Long-Term Perspectives on Circumpolar Social-Ecological Systems. Quaternary International.

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Fjelldal, M. A., Layton-Matthews, K., Lee, A. M., Grotan, V., Loonen, M. J. J. E., & Hansen, B. B. (2020). High-Arctic family planning: Earlier spring onset advances age at first reproduction in barnacle geese. Biology Letters, 16(4), [20200075].

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Layton-Matthews, K., Hansen, B. B., Grotan, V., Fuglei, E., & Loonen, M. J. J. E. (2020). Contrasting consequences of climate change for migratory geese: Predation, density dependence and carryover effects offset benefits of high-arctic warming. Global Change Biology, 26(2), 642-657.

Meadows, J., Lozovskaya, O., Bondetti, M., Drucker, D. G., & Moiseyev, V. (2020). Human palaeodiet at Zamostje 2, central Russia: Results of radiocarbon and stable isotope analyses. Quaternary International, 541, 89-103.

Prop, J., Staverlokk, A., & Moe, B. (2020). Identifying individual polar bears at safe distances: A test with captive animals. PLoS ONE, 15(2), [0228991].

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Robson, H., & Jordan, P. (Accepted/In press). Walnuts, Salmon and Sika Deer: Exploring the Evolution and Diversification of Jōmon “Culinary” Traditions in Prehistoric Hokkaidō. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

Shoda, S., Lucquin, A., Yanshina, O., Kuzmin, Y., Shewkomud, I., Medvedev, V., ... Jordan, P. (2020). Late Glacial hunter-gatherer pottery in the Russian Far East: Indications of diversity in origins and use. Quaternary Science Reviews, 229.

Sinding, M-H. S., Gopalakrishnan, S., Ramos-Madrigal, J., de Manuel, M., Pitulko, V. V., Kuderna, L., ... P.Jordan, ...Gilbert, M. T. P. (2020). Arctic-adapted dogs emerged at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition. Science, 368(6498), 1495-1499.

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