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understanding past marine resource use / assessing past impact / informing the present

The Arctic Centre is partner in the SeaChanges network.

SeaChanges is a doctoral training programme bridging archaeology and marine biology

SeaChanges provides state-of-the-art training to forge a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers able to operate at the interface of archaeology and marine biology. The seas are crucial to European economy, identity, and food security. Marine resource use has influenced European societies for millennia, and we in turn have impacted the seas. The need for long-term perspectives to inform marine management is becoming clear, but disciplinary silos hold back integration of archaeological data and approaches to this end. SeaChanges brings together experts from 7 leading institutions in archaeology, zoology, marine ecology & conservation biology, united by our recognition of this gap. We will pool our disparate skills and experience in an integrated training programme, forging a new generation of researchers who from the outset of their careers have the interdisciplinary understanding & skills required fully to realise the potential of archaeological remains to understand past marine resource use, assess past impacts, and use these to inform the present.

Arctic Centre PhD Emily Ruiz-Puerta is one of the SeaChanges researchers.

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