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Arctic Centre Pod Cast serie

Arctic Centre student Alex Huidtfelt made three podcasts related to the work of the Arctic Centre.

Episode 4 : Svalbard and the Anthropology of Environmental change

Join Alex Huidtfelt talking with Czech researcher Zdenka Sokolickova as they explore the world of interdisciplinarity, her family's experiences during her stay on Svalbard, and the intriguing insights from her new book, 'The Paradox of Svalbard.' Brace yourself for an exciting discussion that uncovers the complex dynamics of climate change and globalization in the Arctic region.

Episode 3 : Navigating Polar Tourism and Climate anxiety

Tune in to a captivating discussion with two researchers, Anne van Valkengoed and Annette Scheepstra to deepen your understanding of the connection between Polar tourism and Climate Anxiety. Whether you're a seasoned traveler, a concerned global citizen, or simply curious about the profound interplay between tourism and climate change, this episode provides a captivating and enlightening conversation that challenges our perspectives and encourages us to be more mindful of our impact on this fragile region.

Episode 2 : Adaptation of Arctic animals and outreach

Join us on this captivating episode as we welcome Maarten Loonen, Associate Professor at the Arctic Centre of the University of Groningen. In this conversation, Maarten Loonen joins me and Paul as we delve into the world of Barnacle geese and their capacity to adapt to shifting climates. Furthermore, we dig into the depths of Maarten's tireless efforts in raising awareness about climate-related challenges in the Arctic.

Episode 1 : A trip to the Arctic pack ice

Alex, the host of this podcast and Paul both followed the minor of the Arctic centre and they discuss their passion for the Arctic regions as well as a cruise expedition to see the pack ice, bowhead whales and polar bears.

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