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The Arctic Centre is member of UArctic
University of the Arctic
University of the Arctic

The UArctic is a cooperative network of universities, colleges, and other organizations committed to higher education and research in the North. Network members share resources, facilities, and expertise to build post-secondary education programmes that are relevant and accessible to northern students. The overall goal is to create a strong, sustainable circumpolar region by empowering northerners and northern communities through education and shared knowledge. The Arctic Centre became a Member of UArctic in August 2017 in view of the long-standing interests in Arctic research across several departments, including the functioning of Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems; undertake inter-disciplinary investigation of long-term human-environment relations in these regions, using archaeological, anthropological, historical, biological and geographic approaches; monitor human impacts on polar environments and explore the growing geopolitical significance of these areas for transport, tourism and mineral extraction.

Networking opportunities

With over 170 member institutions and organizations spanning 24 time zones in the eight Arctic countries and beyond, UArctic is the North’s only truly circumpolar higher education institution and one of the world’s largest education and research networks. Networking opportunities include opportunities for collaborative research and funding, primarily through the thematic networks and advanced emphases as well as the Northern Forum, the PhD course and the Bachelors of Circumpolar Studies. There are also networking opportunities with UArctic partners including indigenous organizations, the Arctic Council and Arctic Council permanent participants, the UN Environment Program, the International Arctic Social Sciences Association, the Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS) and others.


UArctic membership brings opportunities to collaborate with researchers and research groups in the 130 member academic institutions.  

Annette Scheepstra is the Arctic Centre contact person for UArctic

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