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Research Advanced Production Engineering

Large scale additive manufacturing by laser powder deposition

Laser metal deposition (LMD) is an advanced additive manufacturing technique suitable for producing large-scale complex metal components. Successful application of LMD in large scale additive manufacturing requires in-depth understanding of the relationships between processing parameters, final microstructure and properties of the products. The aim of this project is to obtain a novel structure-property relationship for large metal components made layer-by-layer with laser powder deposition. This can be employed to determine microstructural features required to get the desired properties and to improve the mechanical integrity of the products. The scientific challenge are to obtain the orientation-dependent strength and fracture behavior resulting from the spatially layered microstructure and in particular the effect of interfaces between overlapped tracks in a layer and consecutive layers on one hand, and to tailor composition variation and the LMD process to obtain this desired structure and enhanced functions on the other hand.

Project leader
Prof. Dr. Yutao Pei

Post-doc researcher
Dr. Ali Chabok

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