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Research Advanced Production Engineering

Advanced Production Engineering

Prof. Y. Pei

Advanced Production Engineering (APE) is a broad research field that deals with the development, optimization and implementation of advanced production technologies and manufacture processes with emphasis on mechanical and materials engineering. Modern industrial production and manufacture are undergoing far-reaching transformations associated with the rapid development of new materials and synthesis technology, automation and precision mechanics, micro-systems technology, nanotechnology and nanofabrication, and with the increasing requirements of environmental protection and sustainability. Fundamental applications of materials and corresponding production processes constitute the core area for the APE group. Its thrust in advanced manufacturing includes the efficient and novel combination of processes and materials for next-generation products.
The research activities of the APE group focus on four interconnected areas:

  • high-power laser processing and micro-fabrication,
  • physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes for advanced coatings,
  • tribology and surface engineering,
  • and microscopy characterization.

Our mission is to provide a leading education and research environment for students and researchers who are interested in the interdisciplinary study of APE.

050 36 38116
Postal address
APE group
University of Groningen
Nijenborgh 4
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands

Research Staff

Professor Yutao Pei
Prof. Yutao Pei
Jan Post (Honorary professor)
Prof. Jan Post (Honorary professor)

Support Staff

Sergios Chatzigrigoris Technician
Sergios Chatzigrigoris R&D Technician
A profile photo of Ayberk Baykal
Ayberk Baykal R&D Technician
Olga Guseva, secretariat
Olga Guseva Management Office Assistant

Post-doc Researchers

Ajay Mandel
Dr Ajay Mandal
Dr Xiao Jia post-doc researcher
Dr Xiao Jia
Dr Maysam Naghinejad postdoctoral researcher at APE group, ENTEG
Dr Maysam Naghinejad

PhD Students

Feng Li PhD student
Feng Li
Kegu Lu, PhD student
Kegu Lu
Wei Zhang
Wei Zhang
Yadong Zhou PhD student
Yadong Zhou


Soheil Solhjoo
Soheil Solhjoo
Taraneh Mokabber
Taraneh Mokabber
Huatang Cao
Huatang Cao
Ali Chabok
Ali Chabok
Masoud Ahmadi
Masoud Ahmadi
Ranko Toljaga
Ranko Toljaga
Liqiang Lu alumni of the APE group
Liqiang Lu
a profile picture of Debarun Sengupta a young man brunette wearing a T-shirt
Debarun Sengupta
a profile picture of Yinyu Xiang young man asian type wearing glasses
Yinyu Xiang
a profile photo of Wenjian Li, a young man asian type of face in a blue shirt
Wenjian Li
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