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Qumran Institute Symposium: Jewish Cultural Encounters in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern World

When:Su 08-12-2013 13:00 - 17:00
Where:Several locations between 8 and 11 december
Third Qumran Institute Symposium Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen
8-11 December 2013



Sunday 8 December

Venue: Assen, Drents Museum

13.00   visit the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition made by the Qumran Institute, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Drents Museum; short introduction by Mladen Popović

15.20   Statenzaal, Drents Museum, opening of the symposium and welcome by Annabelle Birnie, director of the Drents Museum

15.30   Konrad Schmid, University of Zurich, Taming Egypt: The Impact of Persian Imperial Ideology and Politics on the Biblical Exodus Account

16.15   Bob Becking, Utrecht University, Exchange, Replacement, or Acceptance? Two Examples of Lending Deities among Ethnic Groups in Elephantine

17.00      Departure to Groningen

Monday 9 December

Venue: Groningen, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Old Courtroom

8.30     coffee/tea

8.50     opening and welcome by Kocku von Stuckrad, Dean of the Faculty

9.00     Jonathan Stökl, King’s College London, Netting Marduk: The Concept of Hidden Transcripts and the Transfer of Cultural Knowledge from Mesopotamian to Judean Texts

9.45     Caroline Waerzeggers, Leiden University, The “Nabonidus debate” in Babylonia, c. 200 BCE

10.30   break

11.00   Jörg Frey, University of Zurich, “Judaism and Hellenism” - Martin Hengel’s Work and the More Recent Perspectives from Qumran

11.45   George Brooke, University of Manchester, Choosing Between Papyrus and Skin: Cultural Complexity and Multiple Identities in the Qumran Library

12.30   lunch

14.00   Benjamin G. Wright, Lehigh University, What Does India Have to Do with Jerusalem: Ben Sira, Language and Colonialism

14.45   Judith H. Newman, University of Toronto, Hybridity, métissage, and habitus: Sirach 24 and the diachronic formation of Judean cultures

15.30   break

16.00   Anathea Portier-Young, Duke University, Constructing Imperial and National Bodies in Book of the Watchers, Daniel, and 2 Maccabees: monster theory, historiography, and Jewish identity

16.45   drinks

Tuesday 10 December

Venue: Groningen, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Old Courtroom

8.30     coffee/tea

9.00     Anne Lykke and Friedrich Schipper, Universität Wien, Iconographic Reflections of the Cultural Encounter between the Jews and the Greeks and Romans in the first century BCE to the first century CE in the Numismatic Evidence

9.45     J. Cornelis de Vos, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Jews, Galatians, and Paul: Encounter between Jews and Christians?

10.30   break

11.00   Hindy Najman, Yale University, Primordial Translation: The Miracle of the Greek Bible in Philo of Alexandria

11.45   Uri Gabbay, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Exegetical Encounters by the Rivers of Babylon: Literal and Non-Literal Exegesis in Akkadian Commentaries and in Early Midrash

12.30   lunch

14.00   Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Tel Aviv University, The Mishnah and Rabbinic Romanization

14.45   break

Venue: Academy building, main auditorium hall (aula)

16.15   Mladen Popović, University of Groningen, inaugural address

Wednesday 11 December

Venue: Groningen, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Old Courtroom

9.00     coffee/tea

9.30     Sacha Stern, University College London, Subversion and Subculture: Jewish Time-Keeping in the Roman Empire

10.15   Jürgen K. Zangenberg, Leiden University, Who Encountered What? Reflections on Finds from the Byzantine Synagogue of Horvat Kur (Galilee) in Their Context

11.00   Tal Ilan, Freie Universität Berlin, Elijah’s Cave in Haifa: Whose Holy Site is it Anyway?

12.00   lunch