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Sport Sciences

Research within the Center for Human Movement Sciences

Education and research are intensely connected in the Center for Human Movement Sciences (CHMS). PhD's, master and bachelor students work together in an academic learning community and inspiring environment, playing a pivotal role in our research success.

Master PhD

The Center runs a competitive master-PhD program providing opportunities for talented master students to complete a PhD (currently 4 PhD places per year).

What kind of research?

These are some examples of research questions within the master Sport Sciences:

  • Talent in general and in sports: what is it, how can it be recognized and what are the conditions for optimum development?
  • What influence does physical (in)activity have on a child’s motor and cognitive development?
  • How can we analyse and optimize (match) performance in sports?


Student research projects within this domain are conducted within professional sports organizations such as NOC*NSF, sports federations, TNO Sport and professional sports clubs. The CHMS has also great lab facilities to conduct research.

  • Testimonial van Riemer Vegter

    Innovative training device optimizes Paralympian wheelchair use

    The Center for Human Movement Sciences of the UMCG/UG, together with Lode BV, has developed a new wheelchair ergometer. This is a new technology that enables all wheelchair users, from early on in the rehabilitation process to Paralympic level sports, to train in their own wheelchair and be given feedback.

    The equipment enables the force exerted on each separate wheel to be measured. Detailed measurements can be taken on how the performance is achieved, thus enabling the propulsion method and fitness of the individual to be improved and the wheelchair further optimized. This can help prevent physical strain and generate better performance. The new ergometer is the first in the world of its kind.

    – Riemer Vegter
  • Testimonial van Henrike van der Does

    – Henrike van der Does
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