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DDM Water and Coastal Management


The DDM Water and Coastal Management program is closely connected to the research agenda of the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, more specifically to the agenda of the research group 'Coastal Resilience'.

Coastal Resilience Research Group (CRRG) conducts research on a wide range of water and coastal management, coastal sustainability, governance, wellbeing and regional decline related issues. The starting point of CRRG research is the realization of the high level of complexity and nuance of the problems emerging in vulnerable areas in times of changing climate, population and economic conditions. The ambition of the CRRG is to contribute to strengthening coastal regions and establishing sustainable communities. By doing that CRRG contributes to the university-wide research focus area Sustainable Society and to the Faculty of Spatial Sciences research mission tWIST (Towards well-being, innovation and spatial transformation) .

CRRG research covers a variety of issues: adaptive governance for flood prone areas; resilience of rural communities; governance of protected landscapes; ecosystem- and coastal vulnerability; the role of arts in building community resilience; tourism in vulnerable coastal regions; risk communication and disaster recovery. Please visit our 'people' or 'projects' link for more details on our individual research projects.


  • Dr. Elen-Maarja Trell
  • Dr. Margo van den Brink
  • Steven Forrest
  • Britta Restemeyer
  • Testimonial van Jorian Wals

    Jorian Wals - advisor Contracts and Procurement at Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers

    The combination of issues regarding water and changes in infrastructure systems were key drivers to choose this programme. The interrelatedness of these issues along with the international experiences that it inhibits makes it unique. Studying and living in two countries, field trips to the UK, Estonia and the practical oriented courses made it very attractive. My understanding of water- and coastal management and infrastructure planning makes me a better advisor in my professional environment.

    – Jorian Wals
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