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DDM Water and Coastal Management


The double Master of Science degree in Water and Coastal Management opens many doors. You will be prepared to work in public organizations that are directly or indirectly responsible for water management and/or the management of coastal resources, i.e. national, regional and local authorities.

Furthermore your educational background will be suitable for finding a job at various governmental and non-governmental agencies that have special responsibilities for the coastal area and/or water management. In addition, consultancy firms with different specializations and/or research institutes will be interested in a student who has completed this ambitious double degree program.

During the programme at the University of Groningen we offer support for your career preparation. The Career Services are provided by the Careers Company and the UG Career Services.

More information about the Careers Company: More information about the UG Career Services:

The Master opens up a wide field of potential careers in both the public and the private sector. Our graduates:

  • Work in governments: as policy advisors at international, national, provincial an local offices in charge of spatial planning, transportation or water management.
  • Work in consultancy: as project managers at international an national firms in engineering, design an sustainability.
  • Start their own business or go into research. 

Get to know the personal stories of alumni in our   brochure  

How we boost your future career

We support you in developing a rich set of tools as well as a reflexive attitude that allows you to create innovative solutions for sustainability and resilience of cities and regions. We do so in various ways:

  1. Strategic partnerships with organizations in planning practice: National Agency on Public Works and Water ManagementWitteveen+Bos Engineering and ConsultancyRoyal HaskoningDHVEngineering, design and project management
  2. Guest lectures, field trips and workshops embedded in the course
  3. 3x per year 'A day in planning practice', with company visits
  4. Excursions and 'Meet-alumni' events organised by our student organizations
  5. 2x per year the Graduate Research Day. A networking event to meet future employers


Have a look at our Roadmap on exploring planning practice & the labour market.

Throughout the year, we offer support for practical career preparation and employability skills. Workshops are given about leadership, job interviews and how to present yourself. These Career Services are provided by the Careers Company and the UG Career Services.

  • Testimonial van
  • Testimonial van Jorian Wals

    My understanding of water- and coastal management and infrastructure planning helps me to be a better advisor in my professional environment

    I started in 2014 with the Double Degree MSc programme Water and Coastal Management at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (Germany) and the University of Groningen.

    The combination of issues with regard to water (quality and quantity) and changes in infrastructure systems, that become increasingly pressing in the near feature, were for me key drivers to start with this program. I think what makes this program unique is the interrelatedness of these issues along with the international experiences that this program inhibits (studying and living in two countries, multiple international field-trips). The field trips to the UK, Estonia and the many practical (though scientific) oriented courses were main characteristics of the program that made it very attractive and enjoyable to me. Present, my understanding of water- and coastal management and infrastructure planning helps me to be a better advisor in my professional environment.

    Jorian Wals finished his double degree MSc programme Water and Coastal Management in 2016. He currently works as advisor Contracts and Procurement at Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers.

    – Jorian Wals
  • Testimonial van Britta Restemeyer

    The Master perfectly prepared me for the interdisciplinary and intercultural work setting I am in now

    The Double Degree Master Programme Water and Coastal Management offered me an ideal opportunity to pursue my interest in 'flood resilient cities', after I did my Bachelors in urban planning.

    I really appreciated the great mix between natural sciences (e.g. ecology and geo-morphology) and social sciences (e.g. sustainability management and spatial planning) that the programme offered. Although there was a clear study programme, it was flexible enough to follow my own interests and trajectory. A clear benefit of the programme is that you get to know two different (research) cultures and meet people from all over the world. I absolutely enjoyed the many projects and case studies that we did together. In these group works, I learned most from my fellow students, who often had a completely different background than me. Overall, the Master perfectly prepared me for the interdisciplinary and intercultural work setting I am in now.

    Britta Restemeyer, PhD researcher and Lecturer at the University of Groningen, Department of Spatial Planning and Environment

    – Britta Restemeyer
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