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OnderwijsOpleidingenMaster en PhD opleidingenDDM Demography and Social Inequality
Header image DDM Demography and Social Inequality

DDM Demography and Social Inequality


The Master's thesis topic is integrated in the research theme of the Population Research Centre: “Population and Wellbeing in Context” and See: and

These research themes comprises topics such as: population decline, population ageing, social and economic inequality, global migration, life of migrants, healthy ageing in society, the sociology of the family, households, residence, studies on the labor market and working life, causes of death, child health, nutrition, access to health care, place making of elderly, and the assessment of social policies.
The double degree programme clearly reflects the major characteristics of the research programmes at PRC and by focusing on both the macro (population) and micro level (the demographic behaviour of people); by adopting multi-disciplinary perspectives (demography, epidemiology, anthropology, geography, social ageing, nutrition); by teaching both quantitative and qualitative research methods; by focusing on the translation of research into policies or interventions.
The students are being taught the theories, methods and skills that the different teachers apply in their research. They participate in seminars and discussion groups in an active research environment including guest lectures and seminars by established professionals from other demographic institutions.
Part of the second year in Groningen is the participation in the Dutch Demography Day - a conference for demographers - and an excursion to the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute in The Hague.

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