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About us Faculty of Arts Information for new Faculty of Arts students 2023-2024 Introduction information for students of the Bachelor's programmes Arts, Culture and Media

Introduction Day ACM

Date: Wednesday 30 August 2023

Time: 10 AM

Location: Geertsemazaal, Academie Building (Broerstraat 5, 9712 CP Groningen) and other locations in Groningen.

The BA programme Arts, Culture and Media officially starts with the Introduction Day, in which you will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the programme and the supporting organization, but also meet the staff, your teacher-mentor, your first-year work group and the student mentors. The Introduction Day will be concluded with an activity that is organized in collaboration with our study association IK.
Prior to the introduction, please take a look at the IK Freshman Guide

Introduction Programme
Arts Culture and Media 2023-2024

Wednesday 30/8





Official opening ACM
The Staff of Arts, Culture and Media welcome you as new Bachelor and premaster students for the year 2023-24

- Introduction by study advisors
- Opening speech
- Explanation practicalities
- Introduction staff and (student) mentors
- Introduction of the study association IK by the candidate board
- Explanation rest of the week

Geertsemazaal, Academie Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen






Meet your mentor & Picnic Lunch
Your mentor will take you and your mentor group on a tour and a Picnic Lunch at the Noorderplantsoen

Please sign up here

Departing from the Academy Building


Lunch and activities afterwards
Organised by Study Association IK


Thursday 31/8




City tour
Your mentors will take you on the small tour around the city to discover places that may come in handy for you during your studies + places they found the most memorable for them 

Academie Building


Jam Session
Your final destination of the tour will be Cafe de Zolder, where there will be a live music night, and you will get to enjoy listening to the talented people in Groningen, and maybe go up there yourself too!

Café de Zolder, Papengang 3-A, Groningen

Friday 1/9




Museum Day
Your mentors will communicate with you as to what time you should be at the museum in order to enter. You have the option to tour the permanent exhibition or visit their temporary exhibition “Rolling Stone - Unzipped”. You may also be joined by the Arts History students during the tour as well. The best part is that it is free for students!! (just don't forget your student card)

Groninger Museum


Once you have finished touring the museum, you are welcomed to join the mentors at a cafe/bar close by.


Saturday 2/9




Pub Crawl
Meet at the front of the Academie Building and find your groups, you will be mixed with Arts History students that day so it is a great chance to get to know some more friends outside of your course!

Academie Building

You will be visiting various bars around the city in your group, and learn more about the city routes and the people that you are with.
We will all gather at our final destination and join as one big group, and you are welcome to depart whenever you desire.

The study association IK organizes several activities during the introduction week. All activities will have an informative character and will give you the chance to make acquaintance with one another and with the city.
Prior to the introduction, please take a look at the IK Freshman Guide

Courses start on Monday, September 4. As a new first year student you will be enrolled for the courses and seminars by our Office for Student Affairs. You can find all the practical information you need on the webpage for new UG students and on the student portal.

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